Trip to Boulder could be more poignant than bureaucratic |

Trip to Boulder could be more poignant than bureaucratic

Park Record Editorial, Sept. 14-18, 2013

The City Tour, an annual outing involving dozens of leaders and aspiring leaders from the Park City area, is designed to educate the travelers about the mechanics of the communities in the West they visit and whether programs, policies or projects from the other cities could work in Park City.

Official after official, businessperson after businessperson and not-for-profit leader after not-for-profit leader address the group. The Parkites tour the other communities and invariably sample the nightlife as well.

This year’s City Tour destination is Boulder, Colo., best known as the home of the University of Colorado and as perhaps one of the nation’s most free-spirited communities. The trip is scheduled next week. Boulder’s downtown is of interest to the Park City group, as is the economic climate there.

But late in the week, the City Tour took on what could ultimately be a heightened sense of purpose. The Boulder region has been devastated by rainstorms and deadly floods in a terrible natural disaster one state to the east.

The City Tour organizers late in the workweek were monitoring the situation in Colorado, saying the trip was still scheduled. They planned to check with Boulder officials early next week, however, before making a decision about whether the group will head to Colorado.

Much more important lessons might be learned in Boulder during the City Tour than have been learned during trips in past years lessons about the human spirit and the drive to help one another in a time of disaster if the trip happens.

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Myles Rademan, the longtime organizer of the City Tours and the figure who made the arrangements to visit Boulder months ago, said on Friday he will offer the assistance of the travelers to the emergency responders in Colorado, if it is needed. It was not known whether officials in Boulder will desire the help or whether they will indicate that it would be best that the Park City group reschedule.

If the City Tour does, indeed, travel to Boulder, we anticipate the lessons brought back to Park City would be uplifting even in a community that routinely comes to the aid of people in need. The lessons would be far more poignant than, say, those that are learned from a roster of bureaucrats.