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While bosses battle, ski area employees deliver a great season

The Park Record Editorial, April 5-8, 2014

The two-year legal battle between Talisker and Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR) is building to an uncomfortable crescendo with top executives on each side challenging the credibility of the other. Both claim they offered to negotiate in good faith to resolve the disputed lease of Talisker property on which PCMR operates. Both blame the other for failing to come to terms.

contrast, up on the mountain, employees at PCMR and at Talisker’s Canyons Resort are tending to guests as they always do — with care and courtesy — despite the rancor in the courtroom below.

It has been an emotional season for many of them. Working at a mountain resort has plenty of inherent challenges including inclement weather, safety concerns and the pressure of serving a discerning, international clientele. Worrying about job security or their employer’s integrity shouldn’t be one of them.

According to both PCMR and Canyons Resort representatives, the season coming to a close has been exceptionally successful. Late-season snow and sunshine have a lot to do with that equation, but at a mountain resort where service is paramount, it is the frontline personnel who ultimately determine the quality of the guest experience.

So, in the face of the heated rhetoric surrounding the lawsuit, we are especially grateful to the employees who kept skiers’ safety and fun first and foremost in their minds. As they pick up their last paychecks of the season and wait patiently for summer operations to gear up, we want them to know that their efforts were appreciated. We hope their bosses also make that clear.

In some of the more dramatic testimony during the legal wrangling it has been stated that the lawsuit is tearing Park City apart. That is not exactly true. While there are distinct camps loyal to each brand, the employees have demonstrated that their overriding priority has been to serve the community as a whole, regardless of the logo on their jackets.

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That should be a good lesson for the principals named in the reams of documents piling up at Third District Court.

There have been declarations from both PCMR and Talisker claiming they are committed to settling their differences. If that is true, they should come forward with a realistic settlement. If they can’t, it will be up to the judge. Whatever the outcome, Park City is resilient and will likely to continue to flourish.