Looking for rejection of Dakota Pacific’s latest

We are writing regarding the long-running dispute involving Dakota Pacific’s requested zoning change for their property in the Tech Park. What is clear is that after some 18 months of discussion and reviews, the residents remain nearly unanimous in opposition to DP’s proposals.

We are proud of the very vocal response in opposition from our fellow Summit County residents. Voters want the DP residential plans to be denied or at a minimum delayed until a Kimball Junction traffic mitigation plan by the UDOT is articulated and in place.

We think DP has taken some devious, “end-around” steps to secure last-minute and unprecedented legislation at the state level to largely neuter the ability of our Summit County Council to independently make its own zoning decisions. Fortunately, the council remained strong and did not approve DP’s plan.

DP came back with “Plan C,” which appears remarkably similar to earlier proposals. And in a puzzling development, the council now has announced an intention to “fast-track” a decision on Feb. 20. We all would welcome a rejection at that time, but concerns and suspicions abound.

There have been recent innuendos and rumors within the local community that DP may have once again leveraged its political ties with the Legislature, perhaps even with some veiled political “threats” (or to be nice, “incentives”) to encourage the council to fast track a favorable decision. The implication seems to be that UDOT would be more willing to help Summit County resolve the Kimball Junction traffic issue in exchange for an approval by the County Council of DP’s proposal.   

We believe that our council members are honest and well intentioned, yet their indecisiveness on this issue is frustrating. If they are being unduly pressured, be transparent and say so publicly, and your voters will rally around you! Now is the time to show true backbone and to finally follow the voters’ preference. Continue to fight any state (or behind-the-scenes) pressure in the courts.

If DP and the Legislature (and UDOT) were to “play dirty pool/hardball” to pressure a council vote in support of Plan C, reluctantly we in Park City should be prepared to play that same game. Namely, the state is strongly in favor of the 2034 Olympic Bid. Park City would play a critical role. If DP and the state’s politicians do yet another “end around,” applying unfair pressure to our council, we should do likewise — convey in response to the state our possible unwillingness to host any portion of the Olympic Games. 

If forced, two can play that hardball game!

Larry and Susan Alleva

Park City 

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