Record editorial: Even in 2020, Parkites have plenty to be thankful for |

Record editorial: Even in 2020, Parkites have plenty to be thankful for

Train wreck. Dumpster fire. A car careening off a cliff into a canyon littered with land mines.

Use whatever metaphor you want — 2020 has been a rough year.

Nonetheless, Parkites gathering around their Thanksgiving tables — hopefully only with members of their households, per the guidance of health experts — will invariably find themselves looking beyond the challenges this year has presented and coming to the same conclusion: There are still many things to be thankful for.

Indeed, most of us don’t even have to look hard to find them.

There’s nothing like a global pandemic, for instance, to show us that good health is not something to take for granted. Parkites who have it should feel extra fortunate this year, while all of us must give thanks for the health care workers and others who have spent the last eight months, in some of the most difficult conditions imaginable, caring for those who’ve fallen ill.

By the same token, the coronavirus pandemic has further opened our eyes to the splendor that surrounds us. Being unable to safely gather indoors has instilled in us an even greater appreciation for the abundant outdoor recreation opportunities we enjoy in Park City.

The discord in our country, meanwhile, forces us to consider how fortunate we are to live in a community where people of all kinds are accepted, and where people band together to improve the lives of others in ways both large and small. That, more than even the majestic surroundings and the perks that draw people from all over the world to Park City, is what makes this a wonderful place to live.

That spirit hasn’t disappeared during this disaster of a year. If anything, it has been strengthened by the circumstances our community has endured. Whether it’s Live PC Give PC, when more than 6,000 people donated $3.4 million to local nonprofits, or smaller gestures like neighbors organizing socially distanced drive-by birthday celebrations, Parkites have shown their true colors time and again over the last eight months.

We are a community full of people who care about one another.

As we gather with loved ones on Thursday, be it in person or over Zoom, that is something we can all celebrate. Even as we express gratitude for the fact that 2020, a year that has tested us like never before, is almost over.

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