Record editorial: Head to Main Street for Tour of Utah finale but ditch the car |

Record editorial: Head to Main Street for Tour of Utah finale but ditch the car

One needn’t be a cycling enthusiast to get in on the fun as one of North America’s premier bike races rolls back into the Park City area for its final two stages.

While fans of racing will be lining up to soak in the action Saturday and Sunday, the Tour of Utah also offers plenty for those who have little more than a passing interest in the athletes and the results.

That’s particularly true Sunday, when the race’s sixth and final stage will begin and end on Main Street, packing in spectators and creating a festive environment along the race’s homestretch. The Main Street finish has become an August tradition, as it will be the seventh time Park City has hosted the final stage.

That Tour of Utah organizers see Park City as the prime place to cap what has become a renowned race speaks well of our town and Parkites’ passion for seeing elite athletes accomplish impressive feats.

At the same time, the Main Street finish becoming a regular event, weeks after the Park City Kimball Arts Festival brings tens of thousands of people to Old Town each year, adds to the stress Park City’s expansive calendar of special events places on the community.

Thousands of people, many from the Wasatch Front, will be heading to Main Street Sunday. Event organizers and local officials have been diligent about directing them to park at remote lots like the Ecker Hill park-and-ride and utilizing mass transit.

Hopefully, our visitors from the valley see that advice and heed it, lest the roads leading to Main Street descend into chaos as so often happens during major events.

As for Parkites heading to the festivities, we, unlike some of our visitors, cannot plead ignorance. We know how important it is to use alternative modes of transportation for an event like this.

Let’s set a sterling example by filling the remote lots and cruising to the competition on one of the buses our taxes pay for. Those who are so inclined can also take a cue from the athletes and pedal to Main Street on two wheels.

While one cyclist will earn the title of Tour of Utah champion on Sunday, Parkites doing the responsible thing and ditching their cars in favor of other ways to get to Main Street will make us all winners.

Information about remote parking options for the Tour of Utah can be found here or at

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