Record editorial: Our choice is clear. We cannot give Trump four more years. |

Record editorial: Our choice is clear. We cannot give Trump four more years.

After many months of sound and fury in this presidential election, it’s almost time for Summit County residents to cast their votes.

Never before has the decision they face been so obvious, or so important. Summit County voters, along with those in the rest of the state and country, should repudiate President Trump and in doing so send a message to the rest of the world: This is not who we are.

For four years, Trump has demeaned the office of the president. It was apparent during the 2016 election that he was unfit to serve, and yet the reality of his presidency has been even worse than many feared.

He has violated norms and ethics, put his interests above those of the American people and stoked the deep divisions in this country. He has insulted allies and cozied up to dictators. He has governed with hatred and incompetence rather than compassion and proficiency.

The most stark example of his failure is the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic, a display of inaction that has further shaken the world’s faith in the United States, left more than 200,000 Americans dead and resulted in a generational economic crisis.

And on Thursday night, the news that Trump himself had tested positive for the virus underscored how serious the threat of the pandemic remains more than six months after it upended life in America. Hopefully the president, unlike so many others, will make a speedy recovery.

On the other side is Joe Biden. Here is a man who has devoted his life to helping others and who demonstrated as vice president — most notably while heading up the recovery from the Great Recession — that he has what it takes to lead the country.

Will he be a perfect president? There’s no such thing. But he will restore decency to the Oval Office and begin to repair the incalculable damage that Trump has wrought.

For anyone still doubting the urgency of removing Trump, Tuesday’s presidential debate — if you can call it that — made it obvious. Instead of attempting to sway undecided voters, he returned to the dangerous themes that have defined his campaign and presidency. He belittled his opponent. He lied about his record. When given the chance to denounce white supremacists, he instead told the Proud Boys, a far-right hate group, to “stand back and stand by.”

Most damningly, he refused, once again, to commit to accepting the results of the election, baselessly casting doubt on the security of mail-in voting and renewing his threat on the hallmark of the American system of government: the peaceful transfer of power.

Trump is a bully, a liar, a con man. He has demonstrated time and again that he is not a faithful steward of our nation’s highest office ­— or of our democracy. For the sake of preserving it, send Joe Biden to the White House.

The November election will be conducted primarily through mail-in balloting. The deadline to register to vote is Oct. 23, with ballots slated to be mailed to registered voters three weeks before Election Day Nov. 3. For more information, visit the Summit County Clerk’s website at

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