Record editorial: Park City’s hard-working heritage shines through on Miners Day |

Record editorial: Park City’s hard-working heritage shines through on Miners Day

On Monday, our country will celebrate Labor Day. Americans will scour stores in search of sales that accompany the holiday, or bask in backyard barbecues, or perhaps spend the day poolside, savoring the long weekend before summer fades to fall.

There will be plenty of those activities locally, as well. But, as any Parkite knows, we do Labor Day a little differently. In Park City, we celebrate it as Miners Day, a distinction that dates back to the 1800s when mine tunnels, not ski runs, drove our economy. It honors the heritage of generations of Parkites who persevered through boom and bust to lay the foundations for what our city would become and whose mantle has been taken up by the hard-working residents of today whose efforts continue to power our town.

We celebrate with traditions befitting a day that carries such meaning: In Old Town on Monday, there will be everything from a breakfast picnic and a traditional small-town Main Street parade to a spectacle that many see as the crown jewel of the festivities: the mucking and drilling competitions that are a display of our hardscrabble heritage and offer spectators a glimpse at what it was like to toil in the silver mines.

More than a few Parkites consider the Miners Day festivities — put on each year by the Park City Rotary Club — the highlight of the year. There’s something special about gathering as a community and celebrating our past.

One needn’t be able to trace their heritage to the miners of old — or even have lived in Park City during Miners Day last year — to join in on the fun. As much as the holiday is about recalling our heritage, recognizing the contributions of today’s Parkites is also appropriate.

Everyone who works in Park City is important to the success our town continues to enjoy. Many of them serve in relatively thankless roles and, in keeping with the spirit of Miners Day, we would be remiss not to express gratitude for the restaurant waiters, lifties, hotel staff and countless other workers who toil for long hours for wages that make forging a life here challenging.

When you strip everything else away, its their dedication that makes our town what it is, keeping this place afloat like the miners did in their time. Come Monday, we’ll honor them all, the workers from each Park City era, and be thankful there have always been Parkites eager to roll up their sleeves and get the job done.

More information about Miners Day, including a schedule of events, can be found at More Park Record coverage of Miners Day can be found here and here.

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