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Tom Clyde: {REDACTED}

This was an interesting news week. The Mueller investigation is plodding ahead, and we have sentencing for some of the Trump associates who have been convicted or pleaded guilty to various crimes. They are felonies, which are serious crimes, but none of the convictions is for something understandable like whacking somebody on the head in a dark alley with a lead pipe. There is a sense that Paul Manafort was flat out a Russian spy, but that’s not what he will be going to prison for. Like Al Capone, his problems are largely with his taxes.

But we did get a pretty good look at all the terrible things that are coming down the pike at us. For example, all of the court filings in the Flynn, Cohen, and Manafort cases refer to Individual-1, whose name cannot be spoken. Individual-1 is a serous badass. For example, in one of the court papers, it was asserted that Individual-1 met in a bar in Florida with Lex Luthor, where they conspired to {REDACTED}{REDACTED}{REDACTED}{REDACTED}{REDACTED}{REDACTED} After that meeting, at the direction of Individual-1, The Joker then contacted Russian agents for the purpose of {REDACTED} {REDACTED} {REDACTED} {REDACTED} {REDACTED} {REDACTED}

And if that weren’t bad enough, there is clear and convincing evidence that Individual-1 in cahoots with Dumbledore {REDACTED} {REDACTED} {REDACTED} {REDACTED} {REDACTED} {REDACTED porn star {REDACTED} {REDACTED}{REDACTED} {REDACTED} {REDACTED} {REDACTED}. Well, that ought to keep you grinding your teeth all night.

This Individual-1 is clearly a danger to the country, and must be stopped. If only there were some way figure out who Individual-1 is.

The cable news folks are breathlessly reading the court documents live on TV, as they are being filed, and saying this is the beginning of the end for Individual-1. The long arm of the law is closing in, and it’s only a matter of time until his terrible misdeeds are fully known. There is clear evidence of {REDACTED}. Of course that could be anything from emailing the nuclear codes to a Nigerian Prince, or overdue parking tickets. It’s looking like Individual-1 was trying to get a loan from a sanctioned Russian bank to build a condo tower in Moscow. That would be illegal, unless, of course, the sanctions against the money-laundering Russian bank were lifted by somebody in power in the US.

Getting permits to build a big project in Moscow is difficult. It’s not like getting a conditional use permit for a 14,000 square foot private indoor soccer field in Silver Creek. So to “expedite” the process, it’s looking like Individual-1 was willing to give the $50 million penthouse to Vladimir Putin. That would make Putin happy, and would also make it a prestigious address if you were the sort of person who wanted to live in the same building as Putin. That’s good for sales. It also smells like bribing a foreign official, which is illegal whether you are a garden variety developer or President of the United States.

But to get into a position where Individual-1 could reverse the sanctions on the crooked Russian bank, build the hotel, give the $50 million penthouse to Putin, and get rich selling the condos, it would help if Individual-1 were elected President. So Russian intelligence stepped in to fill the void left by American stupidity, and we got the 2016 election.

Or so it seems. But that is still supposition, because all the juicy stuff that matters is {REDACTED}. Instead, we know about Cohen’s taxi medallion business, Manafort’s $10,000 suits, and Flynn doing murky stuff that sounds a lot like being a double agent selling out the country, for which the prosecutors are recommending a punishment less severe than some kid smoking dope behind the 7-Eleven would get. It all makes perfect sense.

Meanwhile, it looks like we are going to have another one of those partial government shut downs next week when the funds run out because Trump is insisting on Congress putting up billions to build the border wall (apparently the Mexican check to pay for it has been lost in the mail). Congress is balking at spending that kind of money on something that is of doubtful utility in actually accomplishing anything. Our new ambassador to the United Nations is a Fox News blonde with no foreign policy credentials. Trump denounced former Secretary of State, and former CEO of Exxon-Mobil Rex Tillerson as “dumb as a rock” and “lazy as hell.” I wonder who hired him.

You begin to think that until we can identify and remove Individual-1, we are {REDACTED}.

Tom Clyde practiced law in Park City for many years. He lives on a working ranch in Woodland and has been writing this column since 1986.

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