We shouldn’t punish e-bikes just because they’re effective

E-bikes are an important part of reducing traffic and environmental impacts in our mountain town. I have traveled over 600 miles this summer on my e-bike to run errands, pick up lunch or commute to local events. This is two tanks’ worth of gas saved!

E-bikes are smaller, so they reduce the need for large parking areas and reduce traffic on the roadways. Oftentimes, traveling by e-bike to Main Street from Pinebrook is faster than a car when there are events like a Deer Valley a concert or  the Arts Festival. It is also a great way for younger people to get to their activities around town: soccer practice, sporting events, Woodwar, or going to a friend’s house. Again, all of these options for travel by e-bike reduce traffic on the roads and reduce emissions in town. 

With any form of transportation, there will be people that aren’t considerate of others. It happens WAY more often when I travel in my car with other cars. We shouldn’t punish the form of transportation because it is effective.

We have the infrastructure, and we already have city ordinances for the use of bikes on wide trails. What we need is more education for trail users and enforcement of considerate biking practices to make sure everyone can safely enjoy our city and our trails. 

Ian Armstrong


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