Who cares that we have faster internet?

The asphalt street in front of my house in suburban Salt Lake City has a thin gash in it where fiber optic cable was recently laid.

It occurs to me that increases in available internet speed in my neighborhood generally correlate with decreases in common sense among the folks who live here. 

Some of my neighbors acted abominably during Covid and paid dearly for it. 

Others have abandoned all interest in civic affairs. They have pledged themselves to an anti-social individualist lifestyle, or else to a highly sheltered church environment where they only occasionally peek their heads outside.

Others have joined or are sympathetic with various far-right militias or prepper organizations awaiting the imminent end of days apocalypse.

Who cares that we have faster internet if our brains are incapable of using the information provided there to be good citizens?

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross

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