Why should anyone ever again vote for either of you?

This is an open letter to Gov. Spencer Cox and Congressman Blake Moore: You are two of Utah’s most prominent politicians. You are both Republicans. Your both have stated your opposition to reasonable gun control legislation that would restrict the sale of assault rifles and require background checks with a waiting period before being able to purchase any weapon.

These proposals are supported by the general public in multiple polling at over 70% and into the high 80% range.

A fundamental principle of representative government is that elected officials should reflect the will of the people who elected them or be prepared to explain to them why they are unwilling to support what it is the people want.

By that standard, you two are utter failures along with the overwhelmingly majority of your Republican colleagues IN THE STATE OF UTAH AND THE UNITED STATES.

So, the simple question: Why should anyone ever again vote for either of you?

A few more questions.

1. What is it about the words “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of  a free State, the right of the people to keep and  bear Arms shall not be infringed” that you don’t understand?

2. How could a document written in the 18th century when automatic weapons did not exist and single-shot weapons were the norm possibly justify the use of a weapon designed not for individual self-defense but for the indiscriminate mass suppression of hordes of advancing troops or units of what we refer to as an army?

3. You often cite that “the good guys with a gun shouldn’t be deprived of their rights.”

Well, the good guys I know with guns are police law enforcement officers and as recent events have shown they are often out-gunned and but for their bravery we would have many more dead children and police ! Is that what you support — out-gunned police facing assault rifles?

Responsible gun ownership is something that I and the vast majority of my fellow Americans support.

So, what is it you two and your fellow Republicans are prepared to do other than parrot the straw-man argument of “the need for more mental health services” to end this wave of daily violence that has made Americans fearful of sending their children to school or going to a shopping mall?

This shouldn’t be an issue of Democrats versus Republicans which you both are trying to make it. It is plainly and simply an issue of protecting the lives of our children and citizens!

Michael Andrews


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