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Park City councilor-elect wants small businesses to thrive amid corporatization

November 9, 2019

Park City Councilor-elect Max Doilney, who is a businessman, said he intends to weigh decisions at the Marsac Building through the lens of someone with a small business such as himself. He captured a seat on the City Council on Election Day, finishing third, and is slated to be sworn into office in early January.

Park City councilor-elect: ‘Vail’s success and my success are not as linked as you may think’

November 9, 2019

Park City Councilor-elect Max Doilney is the owner of Corner Store Pub & Grill and Corner Sports, which are both at the base of Park City Mountain Resort. He said he has no formal relationship with PCMR or the Colorado-based owner of the resort, Vail Resorts. He explained the fortunes of his businesses are not tied to PCMR or Vail Resorts any more so than many others in the community that rely on the resort economy.

Ex-Park City manager: ‘I wouldn’t change a thing’ even after being forced out

November 8, 2019

Former Park City Manager Diane Foster said in an interview it was an “awesome” run as the top staffer at the Marsac Building. She is seeking new opportunities in municipal government, saying she has applied for a city manager post with a larger community outside of Utah and a deputy city manager position, also in a larger community outside the state.

Park City releases ex-city manager’s separation deal, detailing timeline, payout

November 8, 2019

Former Park City Manager Diane Foster remained employed by City Hall through Nov. 2, approximately one month after the municipal government announced a personnel move that was described as a separation. She was relieved of the duties of the city manager starting on Sept. 30, an agreement between Foster and City Hall shows.

Park City police blotter: Bicyclist asks for a hug

November 7, 2019

The Park City Police Department on Nov. 3 received a report that a man riding a bicycle on the Rail Trail asked someone – apparently the son of the person who contacted the police -- for a hug. The Police Department indicated the circumstances were suspicious.

Sundance worries Park City’s traffic ideas could lead to more gridlock

November 6, 2019

Sundance Film Festival organizers have expressed concern about a City Hall idea to restrict traffic on Park Avenue during the January event. The organizers indicated in a letter sent to Mayor Andy Beerman and the Park City Council the concept would have detrimental impacts on the broader road network and several festival venues.

Park City businesses suffer extensive water damage after main hit

November 5, 2019

A crew working on utilities in preparation for the construction of a municipal water-treatment plant hit a water main in late October, a Park City Public Utilities Department official said. The official acknowledged the break resulted in an increase in water pressure that, coupled with aging infrastructure, may have contributed to water damage in several nearby businesses.

Main Street supports Park City taxi, shuttle parking trial, but with concerns

November 4, 2019

The group representing the interest of businesses along Main Street or just off the street supports a trial of a City Hall idea to create locations for taxis and shuttles to drop off and pick up passengers. The Historic Park City Alliance, though, said in a detailed memo to municipal leaders questions remain about the prospects for the idea’s success.

Park City poised to select three City Councilors on Tuesday

November 3, 2019

Park City voters, with ballots waiting on the kitchen table or possibly already mailed back to the Summit County Clerk’s Office, will select three members of the City Council on Tuesday. It was a cordial campaign that dwelled on well-established issues like traffic and growth.