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Five Reasons to Spring Ski

Everyone wants to ski like the Olympic legend Stein Eriksen. He was the ultimate icon of spring skiing. Though he recently passed at 88, he was noted for his mirrored sunglasses, skis pointed together and downhill, wearing a light Norwegian sweater and perfect hair. No helmet for Stein.

Here are five reasons to ski this spring.

Warm weather means less gear.
Yeeha!!! No bundling, no facemasks, no boot heaters, no layers upon layers, well maybe one layer. It can still get chilly. Spring means skiing under a bright blue sky down to a beach of lawn chairs or a deck of friends for drinks, appetizers and basking in the sunshine. Oh, and bring the sunscreen.

For those Foodies out there
Ski resorts offer more food selection than ever. They offer everything from noodle bowls to burgers. They even have gluten-free desserts. You might need to try out a signature blueberry mojito cocktail. All that skiing warrants a cheeseburger and fries. No guilt. If you are inclined, dine in luxury with table linens, wait staff, multiple courses, and still be on the deck basking in the sun. You may never leave. There is always more to skiing than skiing.

Corduroy and Cruisers.
You have to “Ski It to Believe It.” Groomed runs make you feel like you can fly. But be careful that you don’t! The trees do not move. Groomers are giant machines manned by experts who diligently toil through the night to make the perfect corduroy on ski runs that everyone loves. Each night there can be more than 250 hours of combined grooming effort, making your experience a great one. Not to mention the equipment that makes it all happen. Enjoy the long groomed runs and great turns. Lots of people made it happen just for you.

Save up to 25%
Late spring can bring discounts for you and your family. There are Late Season Value packages that offer up to 25% savings on lodging and lift tickets. It is the perfect time to pull off a quick trip and have the time of your life. Check out Deer Valley Resort for all of their amenities.

You deserve it!

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