Basin Rec’s Mountain Miles Run embraces ‘Pie and Beer Day’ |

Basin Rec’s Mountain Miles Run embraces ‘Pie and Beer Day’

Basin Recreation hosted its annual Mountain Miles run on Saturday, where runners climbed from the Fieldhouse up the RTS trail and back. The five-mile run also boasted a "Pie and Beer Day" themed event refreshment table, in a parody of Pioneer Day.

Rafe Sykes, the overall winner, said he was "just trying to get in shape."

He added that he would likely drink a couple beers later, so he was trying to burn off additional calories before celebrating Pie and Beer Day.

"I'm sure I'll sample the pie," he said.

Rhielle Widders, the first woman to finish and the second competitor overall, said she hadn't come out with Pie and Beer Day in mind, but it was a happy coincidence.

"I sort of forgot that that was the point of it," she said. "But I love root beer, especially hard root beer.

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Is there pie here? Maybe I'll grab a slice of pie before I go home."

She said she enjoyed the run up RTS, and had especially enjoyed the downhill run to the finish.

"The course was great," she said. "It started with some nice wide paved double-track to let the field spread out before hitting the single-track. And RTS is such a beautiful trail and not very well used, so it's not that crowded in the morning. Then a downhill finish – gotta love a downhill finish."

Organizers with Basin Recreation said there are plans for adding two more similar races next season.