Black Diamond hosts Extreme Camp |

Black Diamond hosts Extreme Camp

Adam Spencer

Last week, Black Diamond Gymnastics in Park City hosted some of the top young gymnasts and coaches for the Black Diamond Extreme Gymnastics Camp. Starting on Wednesday and ending on Saturday, the camp drew about 75 kids from around the country.

Coming from primarily Utah, but also from California, Texas and the East Coast, the attendees worked on honing their competition skills.

Black Diamond Owner and Founder Katy Heddens said it was fun to see the young campers working with nationally renowned coaches and Black Diamond staff.

"It was a four-day event specifically for competitive gymnasts," she said. "In addition to nationally recognized Black Diamond technicians, we had elite staff from other parts of the country come in. The other piece of it that made it especially unique was that we had guest speakers who came in and spoke about nutrition, strength and conditioning and had two of our choreographers on the Black Diamond staff work on a dance for the campers for the end of the week."

Heddens said the camp started with some team-building activities and ice-breaking games.

"We did training and assessment the first half of the day," she said. "Then we went up to the Utah Olympic Park, all 75 kids, and did the ropes courses and the alpine slide. The staff up there was absolutely amazing. The kids got to make new friends and learn about each other."

The rest of the camp was broken down into training sessions, where Heddens said the athletes expanded their skill sets and progressed as the week wore on.

"They learned new skills, refined old skills and we challenged the kids in a way that, by the end of the camp, they could do things they never even thought they could," she said.

Saturday also featured a clinic for parents of campers.

"It was for campers’ family members who wanted to understand how gymnastics judges come up with their scores," Heddens said. "It was really interesting teaching the parents about how coaches put routines together, the requirements for different levels and the quality with which the skills and combos must be executed to achieve the highest scores."

Last week wasn’t the first time Black Diamond has hosted the Extreme Gymnastics Camp, though it had been a few years since the last one. Heddens said Black Diamond is in position now to make it an annual event.

"We have been in a restructure mode within our competitive program here at Black Diamond in the last year and a half," she said. "The program and the staff have continued to grow the past year. We have young athletes with incredible potential and are constantly looking for new ways to help them be successful. It’s always good to bring in additional knowledge and additional opportunities. Extreme Camp seemed like the perfect way to do that."

Moving forward, Heddens said Black Diamond will continue its regular programming. She added that the gym offers programs for all ages and skill levels, not just elite programs.

"Many of the kids we have in our program right now that are achieving these successes are kids that started at a very young age doing gymnastics as a social and enriching activity," she said. "It’s such a great springboard toward anything the kids in our community want to do in life."

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