Class of 2016’s Park City volleyball players return to cheer former teammates on |

Class of 2016’s Park City volleyball players return to cheer former teammates on

Super seniors advise Miners in Thursday’s win over Tooele

Nicole Brown, in blue, and Kinley Reed, in white, of the class of 2016, give their former teammates a pep-talk during a Miners timeout at Thursdays home game against Tooele.
(Ben Ramsey/Park Record)

Halfway through the first set at the Park City vs. Tooele volleyball game on Thursday night, announcer Scott Chester brought the gym’s attention to a row of extra-boisterous fans perched behind the Miners.

He introduced them by their accolades – the 2016 regional 10 champions, and 3A fourth-place state finishers. Super seniors.

They were the most animated people at the game, even drowning out protests from visiting parents disputing the referee’s calls.

During lulls in play, they cheered exuberantly.

“OH YEAH, BABY!” Kinley Reed bellowed through the gym.

“LET’S GO!” Nicole Brown, sitting beside her, yelled.

Early in the final set, the gym fell silent during a Tooele serve. Reed amended that.

“I DON’T HEAR YOU TALKING!” she yelled just as Tooele’s server approached the ball.

Though they couldn’t play, the super seniors still wanted to contribute.

“I love how I’ve seen them progress since we left,” Reed said. “They are starting freshmen, they are starting new. They are creating a new name for Park City.”

Brown added that only three girls on the court played with their team full-time last year.

When Tooele called a timeout, suffering in the third set, Reed and Brown hopped up to give the Miners a pep talk.

As Reed explained what she had told the team during a timeout huddle, the rest were still cheering.

“I just said be the flame” Reed said, with Brown yelling “KILL THAT BALL, GRACE!” in the bleacher up from her. “Go crazy, enjoy it while you have it,” Reed said.

After the game, the alums gathered in the hallway with the team and gave them some pointers – to talk more, that they could play tighter. And told them to enjoy it while you can, because sooner or later, the Miners would be in the stands cheering other girls on.


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