Coalville wrestler up for national award |

Coalville wrestler up for national award

Christopher Reeves/The Park Record

Recently, the International Olympic Committee voted to exclude wrestling from the 2020 Olympic Games.

Fourteen-year-old Jaxon Cole of Coalville hopes the IOC reconsiders.

But first, Cole has some more pressing matters to take care of. First and foremost, he wants to end his "Reno Curse."

Something about the Cliff Keen Reno Worlds Tournament in Reno, Nev., gives Cole problems.

"I’ve been in the finals five times and I’ve lost," he said. "I want to try to win that this year."

Reno is about the only place Cole hasn’t been able to win. Since starting his wrestling career at age four, he has traveled the country, from Washington to New Jersey and everywhere in between, winning several big-name tournaments.

"I think the best feeling is when you’re at big tournaments and you win and get the big trophy," he said. "That puts a big smile on your face."

With his father, Joe Cole, a former high school wrestler, coaching him, Jaxon Cole has collected more than his fair share of big trophies.

He’s a four-time Utah junior high state champion, won the Utah Super State Tournament in his age and weight class all three years it has been in existence, earned the triple crown on the Rocky Mountain National Circuit (winning three different tournaments and the Rocky Mountain National Tournament), took home the first-place trophy at the preseason nationals tournament in Des Moines, Iowa, last year, and was also victorious in the western regionals last year. And those are only some of the bigger wins in his 10-year career.

"I couldn’t be more proud of him," his mother, Brandie Cole, said. "It’s his life, and he loves it. It’s amazing to watch him and know that that’s his dream."

His dominance has earned him a nomination for the 2013 Wrestler of the Year award, along with three of the nation’s other top youth wrestlers.

"Just to be nominated for this award is amazing," Brandie Cole said. "Whether he wins or doesn’t win, we’re proud of him."

Next year, Jaxon Cole will begin his high school wrestling career as a freshman for the North Summit Braves. If he continues dominating the sport, he hopes to take his career to the next level in a few years.

"Hopefully I’ll get a scholarship and get into a good college," he said.

Though he won’t have to make a decision on a school for at least a couple more years, he already has some favorites.

"I want to try to get to Iowa or Penn State," he said. "Those are my main two."

But with college and maybe the Olympics still in the distant future, Cole will keep his focus on the present. At the moment, he’s trying to work his way back into form after suffering his first serious wrestling injury in a tournament at Wasatch earlier this year.

"I strained the muscles that hold my rotator cuff in place," he said.

He’s been in physical therapy for the past two weeks, with hopes of being ready for the Reno Worlds April 12-14.

There, he’ll try to snag the title that’s eluded him for years.

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