Devin Logan stays humble by giving back |

Devin Logan stays humble by giving back

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Melanie Harding/U.S. Freeskiing
Devin Logan, shown here competing at the U.S. Grand Prix in Park City, recently returned from a trip to Mexico where she and other USSA athletes built a house for a family in need.

During the middle of a ski season, the pressure to succeed is immense. Especially in the 2017 winter season, every tenth of a point matters as athletes compete for spots in the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.
For freeskier Devin Logan, who won a silver medal at the 2014 Sochi Olympic slopestyle ski contest, this summer will be spent preparing both mentally and physically for the upcoming winter.
Last month, Logan and other U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) athletes went on a mission trip to Tijuana, Mexico, where they built a house for a family in need. Logan said moments like that will help her feel less stressed during the ski season.
“You come back humbled, but then the ski season starts and you kind of get pulled away from that,” she said. “Being able to come back [to Mexico] and re-ground myself is big for my outlook on what I should actually do with my life. There’s more than just skiing and winning. There are people out there who really need help, so if I’m able to help in any little way, I want to do that.”
Logan also went on the trip, led by Hope Sports, last summer. She said she learned just as much this year as she did last year.
“The first year, coming back from that trip really changed my perspective on life and how I really look at things,” she said. “Having a chance to go back again, I definitely wanted to have that experience with a different family. It’s a great program and being able to bring some of the Youth Olympic team down there, kids who are younger than me — they should know how fortunate they are to be in their positions. I think they really can benefit from it.”
Logan left Mexico with a new Facebook friend — the mother of the family who will now live in the newly-constructed house. She said she’s glad she was able to grow close to the family over the short trip.
“I connected with her and then we were chatting [recently] on the [Facebook] Messenger app,” she said. “There are language barriers, but it’s a lot of emojis and hearts and stuff. They’re taking pictures and sharing updates and it’s cool to see them grow. It’s nice to see a ‘like’ from her and to see that she’s watching me and I’m watching her.”
This winter, Logan hopes to give her new Facebook friend plenty to like. She’s aiming to have a strong season so she’s in a position to qualify for both the Olympic slopestyle and halfpipe ski teams.
“I just missed out on the halfpipe spot in 2014,” she said. “We’ll see what happens, but my main goal is to make both teams in 2018.”
After winning a silver medal in slopestyle in 2014, she said she is a lot more relaxed heading into this Olympic-qualifying cycle.
“It gives me a lot of confidence,” she said. “Coming back as a medalist, there are definitely going to be the pressures of repeating, but having experienced it in 2014, I kind of know what’s coming. I know what to prepare for and what to be excited for. It helps.”
Though she is excited to get started on the upcoming winter season, Logan said she’s approaching this offseason differently. She will still spend plenty of time on snow, but she said she’s cutting back to save her energy for when the actual competitions begin.
“Competing in both events gets to be a lot,” she said. “Last summer, I spent a lot of time on snow trying to prepare. Little injuries sort of set me back throughout the season, so I’m trying to take a different approach. I’m getting my mind right in the gym and getting strong. I’m not spending as much time on snow because I felt a little burnt out toward the middle and end of the season. That’s never good. I’m working on getting as strong as possible because I need to have that endurance to compete in both events.”
No matter the results of this winter’s competition schedule, Logan hopes to go back to Mexico again next year and build a house for yet another family. She just hopes she’s re-grounding herself before a trip to South Korea next time.

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