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Fencers on point in Idaho

Youth 12-and-under bronze- and silver-medalists Cole Farquharson, left, and Bryce Murrin, right, fence at the regional Utah Youth Fencing Cup at Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho. Photo courtesy of Elaine Aliberti

Submitted by Elaine Aliberti

Park City Fencers traveled to Pocatello, Idaho, for the fourth regional Utah Youth Fencing League tournament last weekend, where over 70 fencers congregated to test their skills and vie for medals. The Park City cadre brought home a total of 10 medals in various age categories.

Ten-and-under youth champion Ilan Hendler said, "It’s really about strategy, when to hit them, timing, attack or defense. It’s not about just stabbing them."

Alexander Kent competed for the first time in Pocatello and brought home the bronze medal, while teammate Rian Rayner brought home silver.

Caitlyn Callaghan, a Pocatello native, got started fencing when her brother started sword fighting with his friends with sticks in the yard. Most boys love to fence, they just don’t know that real sword fighting is available in their town.

Caitlyn’s brother found out that that there was a club in Pocatello, so they both started fencing. Caitlyn says she now has friends all over the country that she has met through fencing. The same is true for many Park City fencers who, when joining a fencing team at college, found that they already had friends on the team.

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Park City native Robbie Malcolm ended up being captain of the Princeton fencing team, and his sister, Libby Malcolm, has fenced for Duke. Friend Kelly McGuire fenced for Brown.

They already knew many of their teammates from other parts of the country by fencing nationally, and fencing was a great hook to get into a good college.

Park City Fencing Academy is offering April membership at half price for new students ages 6-10 years old. For more information about fencing in Park City go to http://www.parkcityfencing.com.