Fitness equipment at Quinn’s |

Fitness equipment at Quinn’s

Adam Spencer
The new fitness equipment at Quinn s Junction will be showcased at a demo day on Aug. 7. (Adam Spencer/Park Record)

Runners and cyclists in the Quinn’s Junction area have a new fitness option when they’re out on the trails.

A new fitness structure, using body-weight and balancing exercises, is ready for action in Park City.

Heather Todd, recreation coordinator with Park City Recreation, said that the structure can be used for many different exercises.

"It kind of looks like an adult jungle gym," she said. "CrossFit trainers can hang on rings and other items, there are places for sit-ups, push-ups and balance pieces."

Todd said the idea to place the equipment in the Quinn’s Junction area, by the turf fields, came from a conference.

"It was a vision by Karen Yocum, the recreation supervisor," she said. "She had seen the equipment at a conference and thought it was fitting for the outdoor enthusiasts in our community. So it kind of went forward from there."

Though all the structures may look daunting for now, Todd said there will be a seminar on how to properly use all the equipment on Aug. 7.

"From 5-7 p.m. on the 7th, we’ve got instructors coming from Move Strong, the company that made the equipment," she said. "They’ll be giving a demo on how to use each piece of equipment."

And, currently, the area is being used for a few classes through the PC MARC.

"We have classes running Monday through Thursday," Todd said. "Monday and Wednesday at 9 a.m. we have the Grass Fed Boot Camp. On 8:30 a.m. on Tuesdays, we have yoga and on Thursday, tai chi."

For more information on the fitness equipment or the daily classes, visit or call 435-615-5400.

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