Grant will help expand NAC ropes courses |

Grant will help expand NAC ropes courses

Submitted by National Ability Center,

The National Ability Center announced the receipt of a $165,000 donation from Intermountain Healthcare. Much of the sizable donation will go toward rebuilding and expanding the center’s ropes challenge course in 2016 for people of all abilities, including better functionality for all types of wheelchairs, mobility devices and challenges.

"Intermountain Healthcare is grateful for the service National Ability Center is providing to help people of many diverse backgrounds and circumstances realize better health," said Mikelle Moore, Intermountain Healthcare’s Vice President, Community Benefit.

"The National Ability Center is continually striving to improve its programs and facilities as part of our commitment to the veterans, children and families of all abilities we reach," said Gail Loveland, National Ability Center’s Executive Director. "We would not be able to meet these goals of the growing needs for our services without generous contributions from community members, such as Intermountain Healthcare. partnering to offer valuable sport, recreation and educational programs, we advance our shared goals of building active, healthy communities and impact thousands of individuals of all abilities."

The National Ability Center’s ropes challenge course lends itself to multifaceted experiential learning, suitable for a wide range of individuals and abilities. Clients have included families, school groups, agencies and camps. There are many potential levels of challenge, and all can be customized to the individual client’s goals. Many challenges use the high ropes course, which can test strength and agility. Other challenges, such as low elements and team building activities, are geared toward discovering a team’s ability to work together in addition to teaching leadership skills. At the National Ability Center, each participant is given the opportunity to discover his or her abilities. This paradigm is applied to all activities available through the challenge course and, for many, leads to a shift in how they approach challenges in life.

"Now I look at things not as, ‘what are my disabilities,’ but ‘what are the things I can do’ and that’s really what it’s all about: embracing life at whatever level you can. Those are abilities, not disabilities," said National Ability Center participant and veteran Layne Morris, reflecting on the benefits of maintaining a full and active lifestyle. Intermountain Healthcare’s investment into the National Ability Center will provide lasting benefits for those, like Morris, who participate in its programs.

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