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Haggis routs Boulder 73-29

For the third weekend in a row, the Park City Haggis rugby team took the field at City Park for a Rocky Mountain Division 2 matchup. And, for the third weekend in a row, the result was a lopsided Park City victory.

Last Saturday, the victim was Boulder Rugby, a team that entered Saturday’s contest 4-0. When Boulder left Park City, its record had fallen to 4-1 as Haggis cruised to an easy 73-29 victory.

Despite the lopsided final score, Haggis President and Coach Jason Hoke said Boulder was a tough test during the first half.

"They actually traveled with a pretty full squad," he said. "They were a very competitive team through the first 40 minutes. We went into halftime with only a 5-10 point lead."

After halftime, though, Hoke said Park City made some changes and pulled away from its competition.

"Our focus changed a little bit," he said. "We were playing a little tighter game in the first half, trying to keep the ball tight with the forwards. After halftime, we decided to play sideline-to-sideline."

Hoke said one of Park City’s biggest assets is its ability to find a way to expose the weaknesses of opponents.

"It all depends on who we’re playing," he said. "Boulder’s strength seemed to be in their forwards. Our strength is the fact that we can play a tight game and it works or a sideline-to-sideline game and it works. Once we see what the other team is doing, we can adjust."

Robert Sirstins led Haggis with four try scores. Makeni Alo scored three in the win.

Park City enters the winter break with a 4-2 record. Hoke said the players are happy with the way they played in the final four games of the fall season.

"They’re excited," he said. "It seems like we’re where we need to be. We’ll take the momentum we have now and carry it over to the spring."

Though Hoke said Haggis would like to keep playing and continue its hot streak, the winter training sessions should be energetic as the team tries to stay sharp for a title run when play resumes in early March.

"At this point, we would love to play another two or three league games," he said. "We’ll still [practice] twice a week until the weather doesn’t allow it. Then, we’ll start going once a week indoors. We just need to keep the same emphasis on training and make sure there are no hiccups in travel [this spring]. We need to come out of the gates just like we ended the first half of the season."

Park City’s first game of the spring portion of the season is scheduled for March 12 at 1 p.m. against the Denver Barbarians in Denver. Haggis’s first home game of the spring is scheduled for Saturday, March 19, at 1 p.m.


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