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High school student teaches Sunday spin class

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Brooke Tilson hopes her new Sunday spin class will inspire her peers to develop a passion for fitness. A junior at Rowland Hall, Brooke was never interested in team or competitive sports but was committed to personal fitness.

"I joined my mother at spin classes, but found that they often were missing the fun factor," says Brooke. "As I got more experienced, I decided it was time to create a new, young environment. I saw a need in our community for a spin class that was taught by teens and promoted to teens."

She approached the PC MARC with her idea to offer a class that would be targeted toward kids as a way to introduce them to the cardio benefits of spinning while also appealing to adults. She plays today’s hip hop and top 40 hits, and plays them loud. The class is just 45 minutes — long enough to hold beginning riders’ attention and to give more-seasoned spinners an intense-enough workout.

While the spin instructor’s role is to lead the ride and motivate the class, the benefit of spinning is that everyone in the studio can go at their own pace and adjust resistance in accordance with their fitness and comfort levels.

"I hope people come and sweat and get a good workout, but most importantly, I want people to have fun and look forward to it each week," Tilson explained. "I don’t want it to be a boring fitness class! The class is designed to be more like a dance party than an exercise class. I think if people are doing something they enjoy, they will start to see results."

The Sunday spin class goes from 4:30 to 5:15 p.m. and is held at the PC MARC. Patrons with class add-on passes may join, and non-members are welcome to drop in. Riders of all ages and experience levels are encouraged to join the class.

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Since the class started up in November, numbers have been steadily increasing. Tilson says, "Word is spreading fast about the class because after someone shows up, they always come back and usually bring a bunch of friends. It’s fun to see how far the kids of Park City — and the young at heart — can take this."