Intermountain Masters finish out strong season |

Intermountain Masters finish out strong season

Submitted by Amy Lanzel,

Blue skies and perfect race conditions made for an outstanding ending to Intermountain Masters Jans Cup final race series held at Park City Mountain Resort.

The three-day race consisted of two super Gs on Friday, the Brett Pendleton slalom on Saturday and giant slalom on Sunday.

The Loritz/Pendleton Cups were started seven years ago to honor longtime local Park City master racers Gary Loritz and Brett Pendleton. It has evolved to become the Intermountain Masters signature race series, with racers coming in from all over the country to compete for two beautiful trophies.

Friday’s super Gs saw speeds in excess of 70 mph, with fierce competition and times coming within hundredths of a second from each other. The first SG race was won by local Rick Slabinski with a time of 59.62 seconds, followed closely by Eric Klemme of Colorado with a time of 59.74 — an almost dead heat. Other notable standouts were Nick Hudson, class 10, with a 64.52 and Bobby Skinner, class 7, with a time of 61.88. Mike McGurl’s 62.55 narrowly beat Mike Falk in class 6 and class 4 standout Kevin Vaughn laid down a personal best with a time of 62.13, only to be beaten by one hundredth of a second by Chris Probert, with a time of 62.12.

The second SG of the day reflected slower times due to warmer snow conditions but no less exciting racing, with Rick Slabinski and Eric Klemme coming in a dead-heat finish, both with finish times of 60.16. Other standouts include Mike Adams winning class 8 over local speedster Peter Papineau and Gary Loritz’s own son, Gordy, taking second place in class 5, a new personal best.

On the women’s side, young Jenny Badger took top honors, with Amy Lanzel in second overall and Louise McFee third for both races. Corneil Therrien, class 10 winner, had a spectacular day with two solid SG runs along with locals Rosie Moschel, the class 9 winner, and Tracy Frankell, the class 8 winner.

Saturday’s slalom turned up bright with firm hero snow for a long course set on PayDay run. Tensions ran high, as everyone understood the consequence of not finishing two solid runs of slalom. Repeat Pendleton trophy winner Craig Norton secured the day with a ripping combined time of 1:17.75, followed by Bob Skinner, Rick Slabinski and Bill Skinner.

The spectacular highlights of the day, though, belonged to the women. The amazing Jennifer Kaufman, from the Rocky Mountain Division, took the top honors after a full-on attack by competing Park City skier Dana Alexandrescu. Karen Keating rounded out the overall podium by handily beating Amy Lanzel, who ended up fourth overall.

Day Three found the Loritz Cup trophy completely up for grabs. Two remaining giant slalom runs would determine the winners. The cup is based on an age handicap and no one really knows for sure where they stand until the final calculations. For the women, Dana Alexandrescu took first place and handily beat Jennifer Kaufman for the overall win. Third place went to Jenny Badger, fourth to Louise McFee and fifth place to Karen Keating.

On the men’s side the racing was fierce. Bob Skinner narrowly won the overall with Craig Norton only one second combined-time behind. Third place went to Park City’s Dennis McGrail with an outstanding run. The awards party was held at Adolph’s, where the 2015 Loritz Cup winners were announced — Nick Hudson and Jan Swift. Congratulations on a job well done.

2015 Phillips 66 USSA National Championships at Sun Valley

The final race series of the Intermountain Masters race season are the 2015 USSA Masters Nationals, this year hosted by Sun Valley Ski Resort in Idaho. It’s where the best ski racers in the country converge to compete for coveted national titles — the best of the best.

Despite two slushy days, the majority of the Nationals featured sunny skies and firm spring conditions. Despite a comeback the last day from third to second, Intermountain lost the Division Cup to the Rocky Mountain division. P.C. Masters had some great results — gold medals were won by Thunder Jalili, Bob Skinner, Amy Lanzel, Nick Hudson, Craig Norton, Beau Buehler, Jan Swift, Louise McKee and Jennifer Boyd. Other Nationals medalists included Stanislav Pretetsky, Ellen Hendrickson, Celeste Raffin, Chris Katzenberger, Dasha Kadulova, Dave Brennan, Tom Kronthaler, Stew Marsh, Rich Slabinski, Jim Elliot and Mike Adams.

Congratulations to all who made the Intermountain Masters’ season one of the best ever.


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