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Jans Masters weather the storm

Submitted by Beth Sarazine
Courtesy Eric Schramm
Eric Schramm Photography 2013

Wolf Mountain Resort in Eden, Utah, hosted an Intermountain Masters Jans Cup race this past weekend. The three-day event included two giant slaloms and a slalom. Wolf Mountain has been a fabulous venue for Masters racers over the years and once again provided the racers with exceptional services and perhaps the friendliest of atmospheres.

Weather was a huge factor again this year as the snow came for the first two days of the weekend. The new snow was soft and required increased maintenance throughout the first GS and the slalom on Friday and Saturday. However, as the storm cleared, racers were graced with a bluebird race day on Sunday for the final GS event.

Friday’s GS, with the flat light and soft snow, was indeed challenging for many. However, Dana Alexandrescu crushed the courses and took the overall ladies’ first position for the day with two fantastic runs in spite of the conditions. Dasha Kadulova tossed out two great runs to take second overall followed by Amy Lanzel in third position for the day.

Among the men, Craig Norton dominated the weekend starting with Friday’s GS. Norton secured the best overall time on Friday by storm (pun intended). Thunder Jalili blazed the hill for second overall for the men while Jon Jessup was on Jalili’s heels with the third-best overall combined time.

Other division winners for Friday’s GS event included Bob McGrath, Jan Swift, Keith Thompson, Dawn Goode, Brittany Coyle, Bob Sarchett, Ray McKown, Keith Rounkles, Eric Schramm, Jim Seeger and Daniel Stuart.

When Saturday morning arrived, so had the brunt of the storm. The slalom event was held with large amounts of fresh snow from the previous night and it just kept falling throughout the day. However, this didn’t stop the Masters from throwing out some amazing runs.

Dana Alexandrescu once again grabbed the ladies’ overall position with two phenomenal runs in Saturday’s slalom. Beth Sarazine secured the second overall position with Dasha Kadulova claiming the third spot on the podium with two smoking runs of her own.

In the men’s race, Craig Norton edged out Arsen Harutyunyan for the fastest combined time of the day with Rick Slabinski close behind for the third-best overall time in the slalom event.

Other division winners for Saturday’s slalom event included Drury Cooper, Bob McGrath, Jan Swift, Chuck Retallick, Ellen Hendrickson, Amy Lanzel, Ellie Gilbert, Bob Sarchett, Tom Wood, Dave Goode, Brian Frost, Kent Johnson, Kevin Vaughan, Jon Jessup, and Josh Stuart.

Sunday offered a sweet bluebird race day for the final GS event to close out the weekend of racing. It was a glorious day to race at Wolf as the clear blue skies allowed magnificent views of the valley.

Keeping her victory streak alive, Dana Alexandrescu proved once again to be the cream of the Intermountain crop. She careened down the course and showed the ladies and many of the guys how GS is done, claiming the best overall combined time for the third day in a row. Beth Sarazine landed the second-fastest overall time for the ladies on Sunday with Dasha Kadulova ripping down the hill to snag the third-best overall time in the final event of the weekend.

In the men’s overall battle, Craig Norton finished off the field with another top combined time in Sunday’s GS. Norton was on fire all weekend and it showed. However, Thunder Jalili gave Norton a run for his money on Sunday to claim the second-best overall men’s time, followed closely by Jon Jessup in third.

Other division winners included Bob McGrath, Jan Swift, Keith Thompson, Dawn Goode, Amy Lanzel, Bob Sarchett, Tom Wood, Keith Rounkles, David Schab, and Eric Schramm.

A heartfelt thanks to Wolf Mountain for supporting the Masters and helping make the weekend of events a huge success. A huge thanks to Dominator Wax for sponsoring the weekend races.

Many of the Intermountain Masters will be racing next weekend at Mammoth Mountain for FIS races. We wish those who are going to Mammoth the best of luck. IMD Masters will then be back at Snowbasin on March 8-10 for the Jans Cup Season Finale.

For more information about how to become involved in Masters ski racing go to http://www.intermountainmasters.org or contact Bill Skinner at bskinner@ussa.org.


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