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Karate black belt test

Submitted by Cole Klekas,

A black belt test was held in Provo on Nov. 8. The Bobby Lawrence Karate Park City school had 17 students promote to black belt or advance to a new degree of black belt.

The promoting students were as follows:

Black belt: Andrew Parker, Ben Howard, Ben Hale, Jack Gladson, Payson Hawkins and Zach Watkins.

First-degree black belts: Sam Mason and William Martz.

Second-degree black belts: Landon Albright, Lilly Occon, Max Carpenter, Sarah Pillman, Sky Jalili and Bailey Smith.

Earning a third-degree black belt were Ally Falter and Talia Kottler.

David Kottler was promoted to fourth-degree black belt.

Bobby Lawrence Karate is an eclectic martial art, originated from Kenpo, that incorporates kickboxing, Shotokan, Jiu-jitsu and weapon training into its system.


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