Live PC Give PC returns Nov. 6 |

Live PC Give PC returns Nov. 6

Adam Spencer

As Live PC Give PC approaches, several local sports organizations are earmarking any funds raised for big projects, whether it’s upgrading a team facility, purchasing safer and better equipment or maintaining the trails so loved by the community.

Below are just a few of the sports organizations raising money on Friday.

Team Park City United

Team Park City United is a cooperation between local ski programs. The organization helps coordinate travel plans and coaching for freestyle athletes, freeskiing athletes and snowboarders.

TPCU athletes compete all over the world, so there are quite a few costs that need to be covered, according to Executive Director Ryan Walsh.

"We have program fees that we charge for our athletes," he said. "That covers coaching, but we have a lot of shared program costs that we’re hoping to also cover."

One of those shared costs that will benefit athletes of all disciplines is an upgrade of the team facility at Park City Mountain Resort. Walsh said money raised during Live PC Give PC will go toward a variety of costs, but primarily to the team room.

"In our shared program fees, we have equipment needs each year and things like maintenance of timing systems," he said. "We have a fitness facility that we pay for and we have a team van that we use for traveling to competitions. We’re also building a really compelling team space. We’ve got a great room at The Lodge at PCMR. We’ve got a ski-in, ski-out team space and we’re putting in newer large-format televisions for video review. That’s a really important part for our athletes to tune their technique. We’re also going to put in carpeting and make it a lot more livable than it is right now."

Walsh said Team Park City United will host an event before the final party at High West.

"We are having a reception at Cole Sport from 4-6 p.m.," he said. "It’s just going to be social. There’s no other purpose than to get our supporters out to enjoy some light refreshments. We’ll put a tent out front. Then we’ll head over to High West after. We were out in force last year and we hope to continue that this year."

For more information on Team Park City United, visit

Mountain Trails Foundation

The Mountain Trails Foundation advocates for, maintains and builds trails in Park City. With so many trails available for recreational use, MTF’s operating costs are growing, according to Executive Director Charlie Sturgis.

"Ongoing operations is the big part of it," he said. "What we’re finding is that the local and visitor populations not only have higher expectations [for the trails], but they’re in higher use."

With many trails 20 years old and older, Sturgis said there is plenty of maintenance work to do in Park City.

"We will be looking at additional rehab projects throughout the trail system as they seem like they’re needed," he said.

Mountain Trails has received $33,500 in matching grants for Friday’s event, so Sturgis encouraged donors to help them take advantage of those grants.

"We have some significant donors that have had their money put up as matching grants to help spur on the situation," he said. "Donors can really feel like they’re getting 2-for-1 on their dollars. We have a goal to raise $60,000 and have 600-plus participants."

Mountain Trails doesn’t have any big plans for Friday, but Sturgis said they’ll be involved in the evening’s festivities.

"We have a small event at the Nelson cottage just up from High West from 6-8 p.m.," he said. "Then we’ll be over at the High West party."

To learn more about the Mountain Trails Foundation, visit .

Park City Miners Youth Football

As more information comes out about the dangers of improper football technique, the Park City Miners Youth Football teams aim to stay ahead of the curve in terms of safety.

This year, the organization is fundraising to replace some of its older equipment with newer technology, according to President Thomas Baynes.

"The main thing right now is just to buy newer, better and safer equipment," he said. "We’ve always been very good about it, but we try to rotate out helmets. All the helmets that were bought in 2010 we’re throwing out this year. We get state-of-the-art helmets — the same that high school and college players wear."

Additionally, Baynes said, the organization tries to make football affordable for children of all income levels.

"Every year, we have more and more scholarship players," he said. "We have over 30 this year and hope to have even more next year."

For more information on the Park City Miners Youth Football organization, visit

Other Sports Organizations

Other sports-related organizations raising money on Friday include the Youth Sports Alliance, the Park City Rowing Association, the Park City Sailing Association, Park City Baseball, the Alf Engen Ski Museum Foundation, Gurlfytrz, Kids Play International, the National Ability Center, Park City Ice Miners Youth Hockey, Park City Karate Booster Club, Park City Lacrosse Organization, Park City Ski Education Foundation, Park City Soccer Club, Summit Bike Club, Summit Ski Team, the United States Ski and Snowboard Foundation (USSA), Utah Olympic Park and Olympic Oval, Wasatch Freestyle Foundation, Wasatch Nordic Ski Academy, the Winter Sports School, Women’s Ski Jumping USA and Young Riders.

To donate to any sports-related organizations or any other local nonprofits, visit

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