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Local dressage rider honored

Submitted by The Dressage Foundation,

Julie Lawson of Park City will be inducted into a special group of senior dressage riders and horses on June 23 at Hilltop Dressage in Heber City. The ages of Julie and her horse, HK Muster, qualify them to become members of The Dressage Foundation’s Century Club.

The Century Club recognizes dressage riders and horses whose combined ages total 100 years or more. Julie is 73 years old and HK Muster is 28. In addition to having ages totaling 100 or more, horse and rider perform a dressage test of any level at a dressage show and are scored by a dressage judge. The Dressage Foundation provides a Century Club ribbon and wall plaque to each horse and rider team. Local dressage clubs, family and friends help to make the ride into a celebratory event.

The Century Club was formed at The Dressage Foundation in 1996, at the suggestion of noted dressage judge and instructor, Dr. Max Gahwyler. The intent was to encourage older dressage riders to remain active in the sport. Since that time, the Century Club has grown into a meaningful and popular endeavor and has over 220 members to date.

Dressage is a word drawn from the French verb for "to train." Dressage is both a method of training horses and a competitive sport, and is designed to develop correct movement in the horse.

TDF’s Century Club is sponsored by Platinum Performance. For more information about The Dressage Foundation or the Century Club, please contact Jenny Johnson, Executive Director, at 402-434-8585 or visit DressageFoundation.org.

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