Member-Guest Throwdown a success |

Member-Guest Throwdown a success

The participants at the Member-Guest Throwdown get together for a picture. Photo courtesy of Tylla Reiten

Submitted by Jeff Brzoska

On Saturday, Dec. 14, CrossFit MinersTown (CFMT) held its first ever Member-Guest Throwdown competition. The event began at 10 a.m. at the CFMT gym location at 1776 Park Ave. (next to Sports Authority), with 16 teams competing for the title of the inaugural champion.

Teams were made up of one male and one female athlete with at least one of the participants being a member of CFMT. The guest athletes on the teams consisted mostly of members of other CrossFit gyms around Utah, but there were a few out-of-staters as well. The represented guest gyms were CrossFit Park City (CFPC), Ute CrossFit (UTE), Wasatch CrossFit (WCF), and Attitude Nation, with the strongest showing of guests coming from just down state road 224 at CFMT.

"It was great to see so many familiar and new faces from other gyms close and far participating in our little event," said event organizer and CFMT owner Mike Lynch.

The athletes participating came in all shapes, sizes, experience and ability. There were those brand new to CrossFit, and seasoned veterans that have competed before. Some even had CrossFit Regional experience.

The teams were broken down into four heats of four teams for the competition, consisting of three workouts with a re-ranking before the final event.

The first WOD (workout of the day) consisted of a 1600-meter run down Kearns Blvd. and getting a barbell loaded with weight (115 lbs. for men, 75 lbs. for women) from the ground to over head (GTOH) as many times as possible. Partner A ran 800 meters while partner B worked on the barbell. After partner A finished their run, partner B ran their 800 meters, while partner A pushed some weight over head. In a very close race the team of Dean DeLeone (CFMT) and Lizy Brzoska (CFPC), better known as Team Dizy, won the event with a time of 7 minutes, 56 seconds, with 91 repetitions (reps) of GTOH for a net of 4:54.

After a short 15-minute intermission the teams went back at it. The second WOD was broken up into two parts. In part 2A, teams had six minutes for both athletes to find their heaviest front squat. The team of Jaime Pack (115 lbs., CFMT) and John Breza (365 lbs., Attitude Nation) edged out Team Dizy by a mere five pounds.

In part 2B, the partners each had three minutes to do as many front squats with 70 percent of the weight they just lifted in 2A. Once again, a new team rose to the top and claimed victory. With a total of 12,120 lbs., Erinn Lynch (CFMT, 120 lbs. 36 times) and Mike Baker (UTE, 195 lbs. 40 times) were the only team to cross the 12,000-pound mark and took home first place in the event.

Before the final workout, Mike Lynch made a surprise announcement. Everything the teams had just done did not matter. It was winners-take-all in the final WOD. The teams had to complete an event named "Da Chippa" within a 15 minute time cap. The workout consisted of 30 pull-up/toes to bar combos, 60 box jumps and overs, 90 kettle bell swings, 60 hand release push-ups, 30 split jerks (alternating legs), and one partner-to-partner chest bump.

The work could be divided amongst the partners any way they wanted. When all was said and done, the fourth different team of the day won an event, and claimed the crown. Cassidy DuHadway (CFMT) and Danny Erickson (WCF) were one of five teams to complete the final event under the time limit (10:40) and edged out Lynch and Baker by only three seconds. After one first and two second-place finishes in previous WODs, DeLeone and Brzoska had to settle for third place. Stacey Wooley (CFMT) and Robert Shaffer (UTE) grabbed the fourth spot while Dana Alexandrescu (CFMT) and Evan Miller (CFPC), who finished their last rep as the clock struck 15:00, finished fifth.

To sum up the day Mike Lynch went on to say, "the event was a huge hit. We had a great crowd of friends, family, and CrossFit supporters in attendance. The cheering was loud inside our 3,800 square foot space and you could really feel the community aspect that CrossFit brings out in people. There were a lot of new friends made today by everybody that came through the doors. So many of my members have already told me to sign them up for our next Throwdown, and members from other gyms asked me to find them a partner from CFMT."

This event was not about winning and losing or prizes, even though there were awards handed out. (First place was the CFMT Shot-Ski trophy that will be on display at the gym with the winners’ names on a plaque for all eternity, second place won a ham, and third place received goldfish). It was about athletes of all levels competing against each other and cheering one another on. Even more, it was about people with the common love of CrossFit getting together to reunite friendships and make new ones.

The members of CFMT would like to say thank you to all the athletes from outside our gym that competed with and against us, as well as family, friends, judges and scorekeepers who made our event the amazing competition it was. We look forward to opening our gym for another Member-Guest Throwdown in the near future.

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