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Miners football conclude ‘competitive’ season

Park City High School finished its season on Oct. 28 when it was knocked out of the Class 4A state playoffs in the first round by Dixie, 30-6. The Miners finished with a 4-7 overall record, going 2-3 in Region 11, while Dixie (6-1 in region play, 10-0 overall), will face Mountain Crest on Friday.

"We came up short," Miners' head coach Joe Montzingo said. "We played a really good team; very well coached and had a lot of weapons. We knew they were going to be one of the top teams and … we did what we could to limit them."

Montzingo said despite the Miners' less-than-sterling record this season, the team met its goal of reaching the playoffs, and played with heart throughout all year.

"It's been a competitive season, but we were in every game which doesn't always happen," he said. "Up to the end we felt like we had a chance to win every game."

We played a really good team; very well coached and had a lot of weapons. We knew they were going to be one of the top teams and … we did what we could to limit them.”Joe MontzingoPCHS Football Head Coach

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Over the season, Montzingo said the scoreboard did not often reflect the nature of the Miners' games. It was usually missed opportunities rather than overall play that hurt the Miners.

"We had some good games, but there were just a couple that we would like to have back that we felt we could have won," he said. "Usually (that was the result of) just missed plays on offense, defense or special teams; missed opportunities to win or hold on."

He said many of the team's errors stemmed from lack of experience, which also affected the team's confidence.

"Not having the experience of going and doing it on the varsity field before … you don't have experiences to draw upon so you know you can do it, you have to find it," he said.

When asked about some of the standouts on the team, Montzingo was quick to mention senior Beau Pederson, who played at quarterback and receiver and functioned as a leader on the team. Montzingo said Pederson did well to stretch the field against opponents. He also mentioned senior receiver Tyler Shea, and senior Joey Lukrich, who he called "one of the best corners in the state."

"(Lukrich) did a great job of making (his opponent's) jobs terrible," Montzingo said, then added that the team had a lot of young talent that stepped up, including sophomore quarterback Mark McCurdy.

"I could list them all," he said. "They worked their tails off."

Looking toward next season, Montzingo said the team will be "young but talented," and said, once again, hitting the weight room will be a big priority for the perennially small squad.

"Our size will be important for us to hang with those bigger teams," he said.

When the team reconvenes, he said it will focus on winning a home playoff game, winning the region, and earning a winning record.

But for now, he is reflecting on this year's season and its achievements, like making it to the playoffs and the improvement the team showed on both offense and defense.

"We had a great time as a group this year," he said. "We enjoyed our time."