Mountain Trails pays it forward |

Mountain Trails pays it forward

Mountain Trails Executive Director Charlie Sturgis, left, presents a check for $1,000 to Tom Noaker, President of the South Summit Trails Foundation Board, and a $500 check to Ollie Wilder, center, the project manager of the Park City Community Foundation. Mountain Trails also gave $1,000 to the Wasatch Trails Alliance.

Every year, the Mountain Trails Foundation is among the biggest beneficiaries of the Park City Community Foundation’s Live PC Give PC fundraiser.

After winning extra money at this year’s Live PC Give PC event for having the most donors, Mountain Trails decided to invest in other area trail organizations. In addition to giving $500 back to Live PC Give PC so that more organizations can join in next year, Mountain Trails also gave $1,000 checks to the South Summit Trails Foundation and the Wasatch Trails Alliance on Tuesday morning.

Mountain Trails Executive Director Charlie Sturgis said the organization was happy to pay it forward to other great groups.

"Mountain Trails has benefitted greatly from the Live PC Give PC event in November and we always feel blessed and it’s made a big difference in what we’re doing," he said. "Going forward, these guys put a lot of time, effort and money into the event and we felt like, with all the prize money — not all the money we actually took in with the donations — that I didn’t even know existed before we did this, we’ve always given it back to another cause.

"This year, my board decided that giving it to South Summit Trails, as well as Wasatch Trails, was really appropriate. We’re also showing our thanks to the Park City Community Foundation — that’s extremely important, too. Showing that all these nonprofits are working together is really important."

For the South Summit Trails Foundation, which just recently received its 501(c)3 certification, the $1,000 from Mountain Trails will help kick-start the group’s projects.

"Being brand new, every little bit of money at the front end is very important to get things rolling," South Summit Trails Board President Tom Noaker said. "We have projects all ready to go. This helps us a ton just to get started."

Sturgis said giving most of the $2,500 prize to other trail organizations was a no-brainer. As these groups work together more, the beneficiaries are the people who use the trail system.

"Mountain Trails’ motivation has been to be helpful and to help shore up and create excitement with our other neighbors," he said. "Getting Wasatch County and the East Side of Summit County involved is a really big deal toward the continued success of our trail system here in Park City.

"When people come here and they ride the WOW and Coyote Gulch [trails] and not just the Park City trails, it takes pressure off us and shows people more areas to go do stuff. We just have a better offering as an overall community on the back side of the Wasatch."

The pledge to help the other trails groups goes beyond money, Sturgis added.

"If Tom needs 40 tools for a trail-work day, we’re going to give him 40 tools," he said.

Ollie Wilder, the project manager for the Park City Community Foundation, said the money donated back to Live PC Give PC will go toward improving the platform so that other local nonprofits can continue to benefit from the yearly event.

"I think it’s extremely encouraging to see that Mountain Trails is using the great success they’ve had with Live PC Give PC to support other organizations and also to put money back in to support everybody’s success in Live PC Give PC," he said. "We’re really thrilled that they are so involved with Live PC Give PC and are so willing to give back."

With summer quickly approaching, the area trail systems are preparing for another year of hiking and mountain biking. To check trail conditions, and for more information, visit,, and

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