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Olympic success hasn’t hit home for Devin Logan

What is Devin Logan doing with the silver medal she won at the first-ever women’s slopestyle skiing event at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics?

Probably keeping it somewhere safe where it won’t get scratched or stolen, right?

Wrong. At the suggestion of the most-decorated female snowboarder in Olympic history, Logan is keeping her silver medal close, at least for a little while.

"It’s in my pocket right now," she said while sitting at a table at Wasatch Bagels on Wednesday afternoon. "I’m carrying it in my pocket for a while. Kelly Clark gave me that advice. She’s like, ‘Keep it in your pocket for the next month. You can get some things out of it.’"

And that’s exactly what Logan has done, getting the freebies and sharing the Olympic love with Park City, the town that sparked her towards greatness in Sochi.

"I’ve gotten some free dinners and stuff," she said. "And everyone wants to see it and touch it. It’s nice to share with everyone."

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Eventually, she said, she’ll put it somewhere a little more secure, but that can wait.

"I’ll probably put it in a box with my bib," she said. "But I want it somewhere where I can remove it, too, and still be able to show people."

And she’ll want to take it out every now and then for herself, too.

"I still look at it and I kind of laugh," she said. "I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I have this thing? Really?’"

That’s the feeling she had while standing on the podium in Russia as well.

"I actually turned to the girls right away and was like, ‘Is this really happening right now?’" she said. "We’re always going internationally and skiing and competing, and I’ve been on the podium at X Games. That’s just an amazing feeling, but this didn’t feel real at first. It just kind of hit me and it was crazy."

Since leaving Sochi on Feb. 15, Logan said she’s had a whirlwind of amazing experiences.

"I’ve done so many cool things," she said. "I went on Good Morning America and the Today Show. I’m going to meet the president in April, which is pretty insane. I met Picabo Street, who I looked up to when I was younger."

Though Logan has experienced what it’s like to have success on the Olympic stage, she’s now hungry for more. She said she’s excited to get another Olympic cycle underway leading up to the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

But first, she said, she’s ready for some warm weather.

"Right now, I’m looking to have a summer," she said. "Being injured last year, I really had to be on snow 24/7 over the summer. I’m looking forward to getting some sun in this year. I plan on doing some boating and just being able to wear tank tops and not having to wear ski gear all the time. I’ll also do a lot of trampoline training and I like water ramping, so I’ll probably do that for fun and stuff."

Then it’ll be time to get serious once next winter rolls around. Logan, who competes in both halfpipe and slopestyle skiing, but only qualified for the Olympic slopestyle team, said she’s motivated by the chance to compete in both events in 2018.

"I was pretty upset that I didn’t make it for pipe," she said. "It just fuels the fire a little bit to work a little harder to try to make both teams for the next one."

Even in slopestyle, the 21-year-old said she’s motivated to do better.

"You can always do better and definitely a gold would be nice," she said.

But that’ll be easier said than done, she admits.

"It’s hard to tell what’ll happen," she said. "In our sport, injuries happen – it’s hard to predict and look four years ahead. Then there’s Maggie Voisin, who is 15 years old [and qualified for Sochi], and that next generation – who knows what they’re going to bring?"