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P.C. Nordic Ski Club skis in B.C.

Submitted by Ron Palmer-Leger Four Park City Nordic Ski Club members (Drew and Sydney Palmer-Leger, Lindsay Richards and Tate Hoefler) headed north to race in the British Columbia Nordic Championships. The race took place in Kelowna, B.C., at the Telema

Skate results:

J3- Midgets boys 2 (Canadian)

4th Tate Hoefler, PCNSC – 4th overall

5th Keenan Peters, TUNA – 5th overall

8th Ben Slawson, TUNA – 9th overall

J2- Juvenile girls 1

3rd Sydney Palmer-Leger, PCNSC – 5th overall

7th Samantha Benzing, Bogus Basin

J2- Juvenile girls 2

4th Lydia Strohl, TUNA – 11th overall

9th Emily Siegel, Sun Valley

11th Annika Landis, Sun Valley

12th Mary Strohl, TUNA – 24th overall

J2- Juvenile boys 1

2nd Drew Palmer-Leger, PCNSC – 8th overall

OJ/J1- Junior girls 1

11th Lindsay Richards, PCNSC – 17th overall

OJ/J1- Junior boys 1

4th Fischer Heimberger, SOHO – 7th overall

OJ/J1-Junior boys 2

7th Caden Macfarlane, TUNA – 16th overall

Classic results:

J3- Midgets 1

7th Tate Hoefler, PCNSC – 7th overall

8th Ben Slawson, TUNA – 8th overall

10th Keenan Peters, TUNA – 11th overall

J2- Juvenile girls1

3rd Sydney Palmer-Leger, PCNSC – 6th overall

J2-Juvenile girls 2

11th Lydia Strohl, TUNA – 23rd overall

18th Mary Strohl, TUNA – 32nd overall

J2-Juvenile boys 1

7th Drew Palmer-Leger, PCNSC – 21st overall

OJ/J1 girls 1

13th Lindsay Richards, PCNSC – 18th overall

OJ/J1 Boys 1

6th Fischer Heimberger, SOHO – 9th overall

OJ/J1 boys 2

8th Caden Macfarlane, TUNA – 21st overall

Relay results:

J3-Midget boys

USA #3 Tate Hoefler (PCNSC), Ben Slawson (TUNA) and Keenan Peters (TUNA) first of 24 teams

OJ-J2 girls

USA #9 Sydney Palmer-Leger (PCNSC), Sara McCandless (Jackson) and Samantha Benzing (Bogus Basin) third of 22 teams

USA #8 Lydia Strohl (TUNA), Emily Siegel (Sun Valley) and Annika Landis (Sun Valley) 10th/22

USA #10 Mary Strohl (TUNA), Lorea Zabaleta (BSF) and Mahalie Hill (Bogus Basin) 20th/22

USA #2 Lindsay Richards (PCNSC), Katelyn Stevenson (BSF) and Kenenni Weigard (BSF) 17th of 22

OJ-J2 boys

USA #2 Fischer Heimberger (SOHO), Drew Palmer-Leger (PCNSC) and Tyson Odden (BSF) seventh of 25 teams

USA #4 Caden Macfarlane (TUNA), Nick Matelich (BSF) and Thomas Gillespie (Sun Valley) 10th/25

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