Park City Haggis wins tourney |

Park City Haggis wins tourney

The Park City Haggis rugby club usually plays full 15-man games or drops down to sevens, but the team recently competed in a tens tournament in Jackson Hole.

It didn’t seem to matter. Haggis won all four games comfortably, claiming the Teton Tens tournament title.

Haggis player Travis Walzer of Park City said tens is a different style of rugby than the team is used to, with a different speed than 15-man or seven-man games.

"It’s just kind of in-between," he said. "It’s fast, but it’s not as fast as sevens."

Still, Walzer said Haggis entered the tournament expecting to win.

"We came into this tournament and definitely thought we were the best team there and should handle our business," he said. "The other teams there were pretty good, though. We have a really strong team, but it’s all about who shows up, really."

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Haggis showed up in a big way in the first game of the tournament, shutting out the Jackson Hole Moose 34-0. In game two, Haggis defeated the Idaho Mongrels 24-7 to advance to the semifinals.

In the semis, Haggis faced Portneuf Valley out of Pocatello, Idaho, winning 34-5 to move on to the final match against Snake River. In the finals, Haggis faced its toughest test of the tournament, but still managed to emerge with a 34-20 victory.

Next up for the Park City Haggis club is the annual Fourth of July game at City Park. Walzer said he and the rest of the squad are excited to play in Park City, no matter what style of rugby they have to play.

"Fourth of July is going to be fun," he said. "We’re not exactly sure who we’re playing yet. We’re trying to get another ski town to come out, but, most likely, we’ll play a group of Salt Lake college players."

Walzer said he hopes to have enough players to play a full game of 15s, but said the team will have fun regardless.

"Fourth of July is a blast," he said. "Mostly, it’ll be 15s — that’s normal rugby. There could be some sevens games, too. Last year, we played some tens because there weren’t many guys."

In August, Haggis will play host to another tournament.

"There’s a ski town tournament that’s held every year," Walzer said. "This year, it’s going to be in Park City on Aug. 8. It’s a one-day tournament that we’ve gone to the last couple years."

Walzer said Haggis is looking forward to hosting two events in Park City this summer season. He said it’s been a long time since Park City has hosted the ski town tournament.

"If you go every year consistently, you get to bid to have [the ski town tourney] in your town," he said. "This year, we finally got it."