Park City skiers honored |

Park City skiers honored

Submitted by Park City Ski Team,

The 2014-15 Park City Ski Team racing season was filled with exciting moments that were re-lived among a crowd of 400 people on Friday night, April 24, at The Chateaux at Silver Lake. It was an evening to acknowledge the athletic and academic achievements of the Park City Ski Team as well as those individuals who contributed to the success of the team. The award winners were as follows:

Overall Program Awards

Skier of the Year: Andrew Miller

Cathy Swing Award: Sophie Wood

David Wright Award: David Domonoske

Eagle Award: The Prothro Family

Recommended Stories For You

Friends of the Park City Ski Team Award: John and Kristi Cumming

Newspaper Award: Andrew and Maggie Sheppard

Team Spirit Award: Mike Sussman and Dottie Beck

Coaches Award for Outstanding Achievement: FIS Men’s Staff — John Buchar, Graham Flinn, Grant Jamieson

Academic Excellence (top GPA 6-12 grade)

6th Grade: Summer Combs, Kelly Hooper, Bennett Diamond, Colter Frey, Drew Neff, Jack Pollard (all 4.00)

7th Grade: Rebekah Brain, Grace Dalton, Hailey Hunt, Ani Jensen, Emi Pollard, Sammy Wilkinson, Bear Bloomquist, Andrew Hoggan, Jack Schaede (all 4.00)

8th Grade: Louisa Keating, Isabel Tonneson, Jakob Stone, Alexis Laufer (all 4.00)

9th Grade: Liza Greene, Niclas Carlson (both 4.00)

10th Grade: Julia Chahine, Ava Lewin, Charlotte Townshend (all 4.00)

11th Grade: Claire Thomas, Nicole Greene, Mac Henderson (all 4.00)

12th Grade: Jessica Reinhart (4.00)

Devo Team Highlights

This group of 35 9-11 year olds enjoyed some great all-mountain skiing mixed with training and racing at the YSL and South Series races. All Devos are presented with a recognition award in addition to awards in the following specific categories.

Perfect Attendance: Lincoln Sinclair

Devos of the Year: Madison Kaiserman, Cole Stangeland

Coaches Appreciation: Keegan Carnell, Jack Dingman, Ava Kelly, Lindsey Aten

U12 (Ages 10-11) Highlights

Top Performers: Mia Hunt, Gunnar Travis

Most Improved: Mimi Luna, Stein Witt

Sportsmanship: Alyssa Gorsch, Justin Bigatel

Hard Charger: Lauren Stemler, Jack Pollard

U14 (Ages 12-13) Highlights

Top Performer: Hannah Hitchcock, Clark Bigatel

Most Improved: Helena Croise, Lauren Macuga, Ella Dingman, Bear Bloomquist, Colton White

SkillsQuest: Cooper Iacobelli

Teammateability: Anna Grossniklaus, Luc Dalton

U16 (Ages 14-15) Highlights

Most Improved: Niclas Carlson

Top performer: Julia Chahine, Scotty McGrath

Conditioning: Ava Lewin

Skills Quest Award: Valerie Festavan, Patrick Fischer

FIS Women (Ages 17-20) Highlights

Top Performer: Jessica Reinhart

Most Improved: Ariana Davis

WRJC Award: Nicole Greene

FIS Men (Ages 17-20) Highlights

Most Improved: Hunter Carlson

WRJC: Mac Henderson, Dominik Brazerol

Warriors Team (Ages 11-16) Highlights

Most Improved: Nicole Nolting

Team Spirit: Maren Elvidge

Hard Charger: Laila Hakkarinen, Michal Biskup

Warrior of the Year: Courtney Kaufman