Park City’s dynamic duo close on and off the court |

Park City’s dynamic duo close on and off the court

Rough start blossomed into friendship for Perry and Garlow

Park City High Schools senior Jessica Perry is one of the teams leading scorers and is a silent assassin from the three-point line.
Tanzi Propst/Park Record

If you’ve ever been to a Park City High School girls’ basketball game, within minutes, you’d be able to tell who two of the better players for the Miners are.

There’s sophomore Lois Garlow, who typically takes on ball handling duties, as well as being a catalyst for much of the transition offense for Park City thanks to her quick hands and reflexes. Then there’s senior Jessica Perry, the silent assassin who can hit from behind the arc better than anyone else in Region 10.

On the court, the Park City pair forms a dynamic duo that can be tough to stop. There’s times when Garlow will weave her way through players to draw the defense and kick it back out to Perry for the wide-open three-pointer. Other times, Perry can fake defenders out with her shot, only to find a streaking Garlow to the rim.

“We just know how each other plays really well,” Perry said. “I always know where Lois is going to be and she always knows where I’m going to be.”

By the looks of things, you’d think the two have been playing together for years. But in fact, their relationship didn’t start off on the best foot.

Perry first heard of Garlow last year when she was a junior at Park City. Head Coach Sam White told the team they were expecting a new player — Garlow — from Buffalo, New York, and that she was pretty good. Perry walked into the gym that day to find Garlow shooting hoops by herself in the Miners’ practice gym, but she wasn’t all that impressed.

“We were like, ‘Man, she looks cocky,’” Perry recalled.

Garlow, who admittedly plays with a brash confidence that makes certain players great, remembers the incident well.

“That’s the first thing I get,” Garlow said. “They just did not like me at all.”

This continued throughout Garlow’s freshman year until she befriended one of the team’s leaders last year, now-graduated Marina Mayo. The two got together during lacrosse season, a sport Mayo now plays at Fresno State and Garlow is already committed to play at Coastal Carolina after she graduates in a couple of years.

Mayo was a senior leader on last year’s squad, so once Garlow earned her good graces, the rest of the team followed suit.

“As soon as I had their trust, they were basically my friends,” Garlow said of her teammates.

No one has become more of a friend to Garlow than Perry.

At practices, they are always going at each other during water breaks to try to one-up the other in a game of one-on-one. After games, they can be seen running through the bleachers, making jokes and laughing together.

That said, the two are even more inseparable off of the court as much as they are on it. When they aren’t in the gym, which is nearly every day between practices, games and shootarounds, Garlow and Perry like to do “the classics,” as Perry would put it.

“We like to watch Grey’s Anatomy,” Garlow said.

“And we like to eat food together,” Perry quickly added while laughing.

On the court, Garlow compares Perry to Stephen Curry, while Perry likens the sophomore to Russell Westbrook. Again, if you’ve ever seen the Miners play in action, both are fair comparisons on the high-school level.

Even though Park City still has much to play for this season, Garlow is already thinking into the future and will miss the Curry to her Westbrook come next season. She looks up to Perry, even though the sophomore stands a few inches taller.

“Physically?” Garlow joked. “No, I look up to her a lot. I see her busting her butt during practice and I just want to be up there with her. Just keeping that competition together.”

For now, the dynamic duo is focused on finishing out the season strong and improving upon its region record. They go to practice every day, and usually are the last ones in the gym, getting shots up together and getting ready for their next opponent. Once they feel they’ve had enough, Garlow, the sophomore, drives Perry, the senior, home from practice every day.

But even when they depart each day until the next, they’re still together.

“Our snapchat streak is pretty high,” Perry said as the pair laughed.

When Perry graduates this spring, the close-knit friends will surely keep their friendship, and their snapchat streak, alive.

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