Parkbirds take to the turf in P.C. |

Parkbirds take to the turf in P.C.

Adam Spencer
Heather Waldron of the Parkbirds, right, pokes the ball away from a Mutiny player on Monday night on the turf fields at Quinn s Junction. Adam Spencer/Park Record

On Monday night at the Quinn’s Junction artificial turf fields, the Parkbirds women’s soccer team was in the midst of a thrilling game.

Primarily made up of former college players, the team plays in both Park City and the Salt Lake area.

Monday’s home game against team Mutiny from Salt Lake City featured some high-level soccer, with the Parkbirds eventually scoring a late second-half goal to earn a narrow 2-1 victory.

Though the games are very competitive, player Jessica Moran said having fun is the most important part of the league. She said the team is made up of players who want to keep competing at a high level.

"I just feel really lucky that we’re able to still play at a competitive level," she said. "It’s nice to have that opportunity."

She added that Park City is the perfect place to have a team like the Parkbirds.

"Really what it is it’s that there are so many athletes in Park City and so many good soccer players that either grew up here and went to Park City High School or played in college and moved here," she said. "I think that Park City just has a lot of great athletes. Whether it’s your primary sport, like it is for me, or we’ve got some ski jumpers that just play on the side, we’re fortunate that people are competitive and have an athletic background. Park City just draws people like that to it."

As soon as the snow melts, the team gets out on the field and doesn’t stop playing until the snow covers the pitch in the fall.

"We do this league in the spring, the same league in the fall," Moran said. "Then we do tournaments here we run our own tournament and in Jackson Hole and Sun Valley. We all play 7v7 and indoor soccer and down in Salt Lake as well."

The Parkbirds’ spring and fall leagues are some of the most competitive in the state.

"It’s through the Utah Soccer Association," Moran said. "It’s called the WPSL the Women’s Premier Soccer League and there are a couple divisions, all the way up from Division 3, Division 2, Division 1 and the Premier League. We usually have about eight teams in our league."

The squad played on Monday night with only 12 players available for the 11v11 match. Moran said the team is always looking for more talented women to join.

"We could definitely use two or three more players," she said. "Everybody travels and has vacations and stuff when you play in the summer. If we could get a few more people, that would be ideal."

For more information on the Parkbirds, or to join the squad, email Lacey Poulton at


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