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PCHS girls’ LAX holds off Alta

Park City s Lois Garlow tries to scoop up a ground ball as an Alta player battles her for possession on Thursday night at Dozier Field.

Due to a rarely cited rule, the Park City High School girls’ lacrosse team started Thursday night’s game against Alta at a disadvantage.

Because of the cold weather at Dozier Field, the Miners were wearing long sleeves and leggings — some red and some black — underneath their white jerseys. Because the uniforms weren’t uniform, Park City was penalized.

"We’d never been called out on it, but apparently they all have to be in one color," Park City Coach Kassandra Lemons said of the Miners’ base layers. "We got a green card and they got control off the [opening] draw."

Though the Miners quickly bounced back in a game they’d go on to win 11-7, Lemons said that was only the beginning of the refereeing adventures.

"We played six minutes down because we had three cards," she said. "The green card is very, very rare for our program. Our girls got irritated with the refereeing."

Aside from the opening draw that was awarded to Alta, Lemons said the Miners dominated in that aspect of the game.

"[Alta] only won two or three and that was one of them," she said. "The ground balls were clean and our draw control was in the high 90s percentage-wise."

When Park City lost to American Fork on March 25, it ended a two-year streak of not losing to a team from the state of Utah. Lemons said she was happy with how the Miners bounced back on Thursday.

"That loss was really beneficial," she said. "We’ve had so much pressure on our backs in regards to being undefeated in the state. That’s tough for 16 and 17 year olds. They were all smiling after the loss and a lot of people in the community don’t understand that. But, for us, it kept us grounded and we know if we don’t stick to our game plan, other teams can capitalize on it."

Lemons noted a much looser atmosphere on Thursday night.

"The girls were excited to come out and play Alta," she said. "They were aggressive and came out and played our game. They were tenacious and we’re excited about that."

The spot where Lemons noticed the most improvement was in the midfield transition game.

"We get a turnover and we’re down on the other side of the field in four or five seconds because the ball moves so quickly," she said. "I was really proud of them in that regard."

Park City (6-2 overall, 5-1 in Utah) has nearly two weeks off before its next game at Olympus on Wednesday, April 13. This week is spring break for PCHS students, so the Miners won’t have practice. But, Lemons said, the girls are expected to stay fit during the break.

"We tell the girls it takes three days to get out of shape and two weeks to get back in," she said. "We’ll probably be a little gassed at the first practice."

However, Lemons added, the team is playing better and she expects that to continue when practice resumes.

"We have a young team and they’re really shining," she said. "They’re going to come back hungry for that first or second seed in the playoffs."

Park City travels to Olympus on April 13 for a 5 p.m. game. The Miners return home on Thursday, April 21, against Brighton. That game is scheduled to start at 6:15 p.m. at Dozier Field.

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