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PCHS girls’ LAX survives test from rival

The start of Friday night’s playoff quarterfinal game felt much tighter than the final score eventually showed for the Park City High School girls’ lacrosse team.

In a 16-7 win for the Miners, the outcome was anything but certain in the early-going. The Juan Diego Soaring Eagle matched the Miners step-for-step for most of the first half, before Park City started to pull away, taking an 8-4 lead into halftime.

Though the Miners sometimes start games slowly, Park City Coach Abbie Coleman said that wasn’t necessarily the case on Friday night. She said Juan Diego simply matched the Miners’ intensity and played some great lacrosse.

"We were proud of how the girls played," she said. "We were doing everything we wanted them to do — Juan Diego just played really well, too. We scored, they scored. We were playing good D, they were playing good D."

Late in the first half, a couple Juan Diego players were given yellow cards for penalties, forcing the Soaring Eagle to be a player down. While the Juan Diego defense was short-handed, the Miners pulled away and extended their lead.

"The change of pace was when they got two yellows and we were able to really take advantage of that," Coleman said.

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When Juan Diego was at full strength, the defense was frustrating the Park City offense frequently. Ultimately, though a few plays weren’t working, Coleman said the Miners were talented enough to find different ways to score.

"Our girls have enough finesse that, even if some of our plays aren’t working, we don’t need a play to have a goal," she said. "They can just play together, set some picks for each other and we can finish off of that. Our plays are mostly meant for when things aren’t going well."

Hannah Hyatt led the way for Park City, scoring five goals and adding one assist. Marina Mayo scored four goals and also had one assist. Ellie Faulk scored two goals and had two assists, Sophie Adelman had two goals and an assist, Ellie Meyer scored twice, Maike Wells had a goal and two assists, Jeni Gordon had a goal and an assist and Maime Graham added one assist.

Though the Miners scored more unassisted goals than they normally do, Coleman said Park City was using teamwork when it mattered most.

"The individual talent becomes really helpful to change the pace of the game," she said. "When Juan Diego was giving us a run for our money, a couple of the girls just challenged, scored and set the tempo. But, on those goals we scored off the yellow cards, most of those were assisted."

Coleman said Park City’s defense played well on Friday, but highlighted the play of goalie Madeline Komisar, who made five saves on 12 shots, many of which came when the final outcome was still in doubt.

"Her having such a challenging game and stepping up to it was probably the biggest deal for us," she said. "When we got challenged a couple weeks ago, I think she was nervous about how close the game was. Today, she was mentally there and mentally prepared for a challenging game."

Moving forward, Coleman said the Miners need to keep working hard if they want to beat American Fork in the semifinals. But, she added, the challenging Juan Diego game should help spark Park City to not take anything for granted.

"Juan Diego played such a great game and gave us a challenge," she said. "It’s nice to know our girls can stay composed, but it was also humbling. Our girls understand that this is the playoffs and anything can happen. If we don’t show up and play hard and play our game, there’s no doubt in my mind that, moving forward, any team can knock us out."

Park City’s semifinal matchup against American Fork is scheduled for Wednesday night at 6 p.m. at Corner Canyon High School.