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Ragnar wraps up in Park City

Team Maverik carries its banner as a team along the final stretch of the Ragnar relay race. Christopher Reeves/Park Record

The common chorus of teams crossing the finish line of this weekend’s Ragnar race was, "We need some real food."

After surviving on sports drinks and energy bars for more than 24 hours, the sight of burger and taco stands mere yards away from the finish line almost seemed like a mirage to the nearly 11,000 runners who took part in the team relay race.

At about 10:30 a.m. at Treasure Mountain Middle School, the first team made its way across the finish line en masse as organizers were still working on setting up the finish area.

The team, "Ladies and Gentlemen – Sam Wright!" crossed the line in 27 hours, 11 minutes, 50.4 seconds.

Though "Ladies and Gentlemen – Sam Wright!" was the first team to finish the 196.5-mile relay race, it would find itself in 14th place in the mixed division by the end of the day.

After starting the long run at 7:15 a.m. on Friday morning in Logan, the team was bested by other groups starting the event later on Friday.

Team member Austin Baird said this wasn’t the first time most of the squad had taken on a challenge like Ragnar.

"We’ve all run at least one Ragnar, but this is the first one we’ve run in honor of Sam Wright," he joked.

An exhausted Wright said being the team’s namesake was no easy task.

"It’s hard to have that kind of pressure on me," he laughed, "but I’ve learned how to carry that burden."

After running between 15-22 miles each, the entire team was still in good spirits after finishing the race. In fact, Baird said, they want to run it again next year.

"Assuming Sam keeps inspiring us, we’ll definitely run in his honor again next year," he said with a smile.

"I have no intention of not inspiring people," Wright responded with a mock seriousness.

For nearly half an hour, "Ladies and Gentlemen – Sam Wright!" was the only team to have completed the race. Finally, as the clock neared 11 a.m., the first ultra team crossed the line. (Ultra teams are made up of six runners, while regular teams can have up to 11.)

The ultra team, #runmehappy, finished in first place in the men’s ultra division, completing the relay in 25:28:29.1. Team captain James Clissold said the squad exceeded expectations.

"We were shooting for 26 [hours], so we were happy with that," he said.

Most of the #runmehappy squad had completed Ragnar in previous years, Clissold said, but this was the first time they’d done it as an ultra team.

"We ran between 30 and 40 miles, depending on the guy," he said. "This is our fourth time running [the Wasatch Back] one, but the first time as an ultra. It was definitely more fun doing it with only six people. We didn’t have to deal with the logisitics of meeting up with the other [support] van and whatnot."

The Clif BarBarians, made up of Clif Bar-sponsored athletes like endurance runner Scott Jurek, professional climber Alex Honnold and big mountain skier Caroline Gleich, finished right behind "Ladies and Gentlemen – Sam Wright!" in the mixed division, turning in a time of 27:21:13.5 – good for 15th place.

In the men’s division, the BYU cross-country squad took first place, finishing with a time of 19 hours, 37 minutes, 9.0 seconds. The Colt 45 Social Club finished second, in 23:34:05.4, and the Still Kickin team took third place with a time of 24:10:19.6.

In the women’s division, the Davis girls’ cross-country team finished first, crossing the finish line in 24:46:13.8. Blaisdell’s Beauties took second with a time of 24:47:31.1 and Girls Run Wild finished third, in 29:59:52.2.

In the mixed division, the Davis boys’ cross-country team finished first with a time of 20:46:39.1. Runner’s Corner finished second (21:22:10.1) and the Alpha T-Wolves took third place (22:01:03.8).

In the men’s ultra division, #runmehappy took first place with the time of 25:28:29.1. The Six Legged Freaks finished second (28:26:47.1) and Ultra Chafed finished third (28:56:27.5).

The women’s ultra division saw the Blister Sisters take first with a time of 30:29:05.3. Catch Us If You Can finished second (31:01:55.7) and Swoobs took third (32:44:52.2).

In the mixed ultra division, the Wasatch Running Center finished in first place with a time of 23:04:54.7, The RagTags finished second in 28:02:59.5 and the Cow-Tipping Dwarves took third with a time of 28:10:54.3.

For more results from the Wasatch Back Ragnar relay race, please check out the Scoreboard section on page B-5.


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