Results from The Mine Bouldering Gym’s Feb. 21 Winter Competition |

Results from The Mine Bouldering Gym’s Feb. 21 Winter Competition

The Mine Bouldering Gym held its fourth winter competition of the season on Wednesday night, in which Chris Hacon of Salt Lake City won the men’s open division, followed by Reed Chamberlain. Hacon currently sits in second overall, behind Park City resident Doug Ayers. Both Hacon and Ayers have two full-point victories — having competed on different weeks — though Ayers has significantly fewer falls, which is used as a tiebreaker.

Lucy Cox and Lucy Jibson led the female youth division, while Micah Liss took first in the male youth division followed by Jonah Jibson. Stella Strader was uncontested in the women’s open division, which she now leads, and Izzy Matthewson was uncontested in the female intermediate division, though Cortney Rhodes leads with fewer falls in the overall rankings.

Hacon and Chamberlain both struggled with the toughest problem — rated V8, according to Chamberlain.

Hacon said it was his favorite route of the event.

“The reason is the usual one,” he said. “When you’re not sure if you can do it or not and eventually you come out on top, it’s always a lot of fun, right?”

The last competitions before the finals are on March 7 and 21.

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