Slip ‘n Soar at the Utah Olympic Park |

Slip ‘n Soar at the Utah Olympic Park

As summer draws to a close and the winter season approaches, the Utah Olympic Park is hosting one last warm-weather party on Saturday, Sept. 12.

From noon to 5 p.m., guests can don their swimwear and take to the newly renovated water ramps for an extreme slip ‘n slide experience. The Slip ‘n Soar party, which costs $50, is something the UOP has wanted to do for a while, according to Marketing Manager Melanie Welch.

"Now, it’s finally come to fruition after we’ve secured the materials and everything needed to put on the event," she said. "Now that we’re nearing the end of summer, we thought it’d be a nice way to wrap up our summer season and give people, who might not be skiers or athletes of any sort, an opportunity to see the ramps up close. It’s a good way to open the doors to everyone."

A slippery material will be placed over the aerials ramps at the freestyle pool, Welch said. From there, participants will simply let gravity do the work as they slide down the run and launch off the jump into the pool.

"The material you’re sliding on is like a slip ‘n slide," she said. "It’s a really comfortable material, so everything should be pretty easy on the people doing it. And, when you land, we’ll have the bubbles going, so you’ll have that breaking the surface tension a little bit."

Welch said UOP employees tested the slip ‘n slide last week and had a blast doing so. She said that, despite how intense it looks, it’s actually not dangerous.

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"It looks really fun and, to put everyone at ease, it does look very safe," she said. "A lot of people have asked me questions about that. It looks super fun, but super safe. You don’t really have to have that athletic background to do it."

In addition to the slip ‘n slide, Welch said there will be plenty of other activities available for people to enjoy.

"We’ll have the climbing wall open, we’ll have bubble soccer going on in the fields, we’ll have a mechanical bull, some ping pong, some bags, and just a lot of what you’d consider summer games," she said. "And we’ll have the band Changing Lanes playing here within that noon to 5 timeframe."

The $50 ticket gets participants unlimited slip ‘n slide access. For those who don’t want to slide down the ramps, or for those younger than 13 (the minimum age for the slip ‘n slide), $20 tickets are available.

"We’re offering $20 tickets for people who want to come in and spectate and hang out and enjoy the party, but don’t necessarily want to do the slip ‘n slide portion," she said.

Welch added that the UOP is expecting a large turnout for the end-of-summer event.

"We’re estimating right around 500 people," she said. "That would be a nice turnout. With presales, we’re not there yet, but if the weather is as beautiful as it’s supposed to be, we could have a really nice turnout."

Will-call opens at 11 a.m. on Saturday, with doors opening at noon. For more information, visit .