Softball tourney returns to Park City |

Softball tourney returns to Park City

Adam Spencer

Baseball and softball fields in the Summit County area will be jam-packed with young athletes from now until the end of the month.

Starting July 13, the Triple Crown Fastpitch World Series tournament returns to Park City and will use 18 fields between Park City, Oakley, Kamas, Coalville and Heber.

Last year, the 14-and-under squads came to Park City. This year, the 10U and 12U tournaments will be held in town.

The 10U/12U, 14U and 16U/18U tournaments are on a rotating three-year schedule, with teams competing in Park City, Reno, and San Diego. Triple Crown Fastpitch Director Katrina Maestas said the teams compete in three different cities to keep things fresh for the girls.

"All the age groups rotate," she said. "There’s a beach experience in San Diego, a mountain experience in Park City and a Lake Tahoe experience in Reno. The teams get to rotate through and don’t get tired of going to one place every year."

This year, 94 teams will flock to Park City to try to win their respective tournaments. Maestas said the competition should be fierce.

"For the World Series, we grab teams from all across the Western Region," she said. "There are teams from Texas, Arizona, a lot from California and some from Utah. It’s some of the best 10s and 12s in the country."

Due to less field space than Reno and San Diego, Park City isn’t able to host as many teams. For example, last year Reno hosted 143 teams, while 211 competed in San Diego. But, Maestas said, the response of the teams that do qualify for Park City’s limited spaces keep the tournament coming back year after year.

"It’s the location," she said. "We’ve been out there for quite a while now. Teams love the mountain experience."

Triple Crown encourages players to bring their whole families to try to get the full experience of the towns they visit.

"We try to get local support and push [the teams] toward the local restaurants and to go out and support Park City," Maestas said. "It’s like a vacation and a softball trip. We really try to drive them into enjoying Park City."

This year, Skullcandy, a Park City-based audio equipment and headphone company, will help sponsor the tournaments, Maestas said.

"They’re one of our major sponsors for the World Series tournament," she said. "We just met with them this fall — we’re pretty excited."

The Triple Crown 10U and 12U softball tournaments run July 13-18. Pool play is July 14-15, with bracket play running July 16-17. Each tournament’s championship day is Saturday, July 18.

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