Tennis squad draws with rival |

Tennis squad draws with rival

The Park City High School girls’ tennis team ran into its toughest Region 10 foe on Thursday afternoon in Grantsville. After sweeping Stansbury 6-0 on Tuesday, the Miners met their match Thursday, leaving town with a 3-3 result.

The Park City singles players continued their strong seasons, with No. 1 singles Livi Rockwood winning 6-1, 6-2, No. 2 singles Gabby Rockwood earning a 6-0, 6-1 victory and No. 3 singles Taylor Matz battling her way to a 6-2, 7-5 win.

The doubles players struggled against Grantsville, though, with the No. 1 team of Marina Mayo and Julianna Signor losing 7-5, 6-4, the No. 2 team of Caileigh Lydon and Marisa Zanetti falling 6-4, 6-4 and the No. 3 team of Amelia Johnson and Emme Phillips losing 6-4, 7-5.

Park City Coach Tamarin Espinoza said she wasn’t surprised with the singles results and wasn’t disappointed in the doubles teams, all of which had close matches.

"It helps to have our strength in our singles so we can focus on our doubles," she said. "Our doubles didn’t do poorly yesterday. Grantsville’s a good team. I knew they were going to be our competition when the new regions were announced."

On the singles side, Espinoza was pleased with the strong results from the Rockwoods, and also with the way Matz battled against a tough opponent.

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"She had a match," she said. "That girl gave her a run for her money. Taylor’s at a spot where she’s got to play some creative tennis. She’s a powerful player, but being a powerful player isn’t going to win every match. In that second set, she had to work every single point because the ball kept coming back. She had to use every tool she had."

Espinoza said there are just a couple minor improvements the doubles teams need to make in order to make the next match against Grantsville more competitive.

"The aggression is the big one," she said. "They’re trying to be careful and they’re too scared to miss. At some point, you’ve got to go for it, because that’s when you see results."

The Miners will host Grantsville at the PC MARC on Tuesday, Sept. 22. Espinoza expects different results next time around.

"I think our doubles teams are going to be much more prepared," she said. "Our singles are, rightfully so, very confident. They go in and they’re a little more seasoned because of all the tennis they’re playing. Our doubles, they’ve had some success, but they weren’t quite ready. The first thing Marina Mayo said to me when she got off the court, though, was, ‘That was really close. It’s going to be a very different story when they come to us.’"

Espinoza said it’s important to get the doubles teams playing as well as they possibly can before the state tournament. With the strength of the singles players, she said the Miners have a chance to win the 3A title if they can get the doubles teams to make some noise.

"Our strategy going into it is that, hopefully, at the region tournament, they can do well and, if not win it, come in as a finalist," she said. "We need them to get to day two. We need everyone to get as far as they can. If we can get at least three spots into the finals, it puts us in a good position."

Park City’s next match is Tuesday against Union. Games will start at 3:30 p.m. at the PC MARC.