Three coaching vacancies at PCHS |

Three coaching vacancies at PCHS

Though students are about to embark on their summer breaks, there is no summer break in the life of a high school activities director.

Park City High School AD Jamie Sheetz will spend the bulk of his summer looking for new head coaches for the volleyball, wrestling and baseball programs.

The most pressing hire that needs to be made is for the volleyball team, as the varsity season begins this fall, Sheetz said.

"That’s the biggest need," he said. "We need to get it filled by the fall. We’re looking for the best possible candidate for the girls, someone that can continue the work [former coach] Ashley [Driscoll] has done with them over the last couple years. They’ve done a lot of program building."

Driscoll will be leaving the program on amicable terms, opting to spend more time with her family.

"She wasn’t sure on her longevity as coach because of family and business — private interests," Sheetz said. "She talked with her family and they made a family decision to not continue this next year. She’s going out on good terms and is not ruling out her return in the future."

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Sheetz said Driscoll left the program in a good position, with a strong youth volleyball culture feeding into a solid varsity squad.

"While this year’s group of seniors was very solid and really had a great year, [Driscoll] really liked what was coming up," he said. "She didn’t think they were going to lose too much going into next year. She’s done a great job building the program with the youngsters so that, by the time they reach the varsity level, they’re ready to play."

The wrestling program is in need of a new coach, too, with Tony Pelegrin leaving, but Sheetz said he was prepared for that vacancy.

"Tony did a great job," he said. "He was an assistant coach last year and filled in [as Head Coach] this year. We knew it was going to be a one-year commitment, so we’ve opened that position back up and are starting to look."

Sheetz admits it’s hard to build a winter sports program in a town so consumed by skiing culture, but he said Pelegrin and the past coaches have the team moving in the right direction.

"That’s a program that’s been building," he said. "They’ve increased in numbers over the last three years. It’s a winter activity in a ski town, so we’ve got a lot of things going on here up on the slopes, but we want to find somebody who’s best for our kids and will take the kids that are there and keep getting better."

Finally, fresh off a second-straight 20-win season, the Park City baseball program is looking for a new leader after Coach Lou Green stepped down. With baseball on the rise in Park City, Sheetz said the school is looking to make sure the team’s success continues to grow.

"Lou’s done a great job over the past 5-6 years," he said. "As we look at candidates for that position, we’re looking for the strongest possible person with the most experience that maybe has some education-based athletics experience at various levels. We need someone who can take what Lou, the kids and the parents have built over the last couple years and continue to grow and expand on that even more."

Sheetz said there won’t be any problem for any of the new coaches in terms of finding enough players.

"It’s not like you’re having to go beat the bushes to get kids to come out," he said. "We’ve got great kids, smart kids, kids that want to be out there and will compete their butts off when they’re out there. Anybody who comes in here, I think, is set up to do good things."

The jobs will be open indefinitely, Sheetz said, as he and the school try to find the best fits for each position.

"I’ve left them open until filled at this moment in time," he said. "I don’t want to put a two-week limit on it and then have someone see it three or four weeks from now. It’s summer and there are so many things going on, so it might be tough to see it. I’d love to have the positions filled by the beginning of July, but the candidate is more important than the timeline right now. If that comes quick, great. If it doesn’t, we’ll hold out a little bit."

Sheetz said the job listings should be open within the next couple days on the district’s website.

"We’re taking applications for all three positions right now, even though it’s not officially posted," he said. "Applicants can go online to the district website — — and go to ‘departments,’ then ‘human resources’ and then ‘job postings.’ Even if the job doesn’t show up yet, there’s a link that says ‘coaching applications.’ Fill that out and it gets sent to Theresa Eason — her email is on that page — and then it will get to me."