Tri-Kids123 will host first triathlon camp of the season starting Monday |

Tri-Kids123 will host first triathlon camp of the season starting Monday

The triathlon camp Tri-Kids123 is hosting its first of three summer day camps starting Monday, June 18. Founders Kari and Scott Davis brought the camps to Park City in 2005 when they moved from San Diego. The camps teach its participants all the basic skills necessary to compete in a triathlon, including bike safety and technique, swimming technique, running and endurance training, and transitioning between sports.

“It takes them a while to get used to putting their shoes on with wet feet,” Kari Davis said of the 5- to 12-year old participants. “Usually (transitioning) something that is difficult for them at the beginning then gets easier and easier.”

The camps run for five days at Ecker Hill Aquatics Center and each culminate in a triathlon race, with differing lengths depending on age group, on the Saturday after each camp.

“Because each kid gets to finish and gets their own medal, there’s a sense of camaraderie and completion,” Scott Davis said. “I think this is stuff that carries over into confidence. We’ve had kids that loved it; now they are competing in college.”

Scott added that one of the campers came back to help coach the camp, then ended up running the Iron Man World Championships in Hawaii.

And though the Davises said many of the Tri-Kids campers have gone on to compete at a high level in various sports, the ideas they hope to impart are about love for their sport, and a new sense of self-confidence.

“We want to keep it kind of toward that beginning level,” she said. “We are geared toward fun activity and a sense of accomplishment.”

The camp hosts between 20-50 campers, roughly half of whom are returners.

For more information, and to register, go to their website.

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