Ushering in summer at the SSAFC |

Ushering in summer at the SSAFC

Grace Schulz, Park Record Intern
South Summit Aquatic and Fitness Center staff members Chris Burton, Kelly Jacobs and Stephen Sutherland stand in front of the pool which will soon be filled with kids taking lessons and enjoying summer vacation. (Jake Shane/Park Record)

The slap of wet feet on concrete and gleeful screams of kids are familiar noises at the South Summit Aquatic and Fitness Center in Kamas. The sounds echo off the tall walls of the building year-round, but especially during the summer.

This summer will be no different, as the center plans to offer many of its usual activities, both inside and outside.

On the pool side, the center’s swimming lessons are very popular. The SSAFC uses the American Red Cross Swim Lesson Program which has classes for swimmers of all experience levels.

Aquatic Director Kelly Jacobs said parents should consider enrolling their kids because of the high caliber of the lessons.

"We offer a known program that is nationally and internationally recognized," she said. "It’s a structured program, so they know what they are getting and we have experienced teachers."

The aquatic side of the center also offers a Pre-competition Swim Team for kids interested in taking their skills to a higher level.

In addition to its classes the pool will also be offering weekly and monthly recreational activities for people to enjoy.

Every Saturday there will be an aquatic obstacle course and on Wednesdays they set up an aquatic volleyball net. There is also a new rock wall installed on the side of the lap pool at the center, and once every month during the summer they rollout a slip and slide outside on the deck

On the dry side, there are classes, camps, and activities for people to participate in and visitors can use the facilities other features, including a rock wall, racquetball and basketball courts and a weight room.

Adults can sign up now to take part in a summer softball tournament sponsored by the center. The games take place on Thursday nights at the Oakley recreation complex.

People hoping to learn a new skill can take part in one of the center’s summer tennis lessons, a concealed weapons class, or attend one of the several aerobics classes offered over the summer. For people looking for a family activity, the center is also sponsoring a wiffleball tournament for all ages.

It is not just adults who can pick up a new skill. Kids can take part in tennis lessons, a week-long soccer camp, and golf lessons.

For parents that work during the summer, the SSAFC also offers a bi-weekly summer kids camp in the morning. Program Coordinator Chris Burton said the youth activities are meant to help kids enjoy the summer months.

"One of the main reasons I do my job is just to get kids out and playing, having fun away from the TV and the Xbox," he said.

The center also has a rock wall, racquetball and basketball courts and a weight room. As the weather warms up and the school year comes to a close, Center Director Stephen Sutherland said the SSAFC can fulfill any families summer needs.

"We do have the ability to have a family come out and enjoy themselves, if a mom has a little one of six months and a 12 year old, everybody can enjoy their time," he said.

The SSAFC is located at 350 East 200 South in Kamas and is open Monday through Saturday. For more information visit


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