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Utah Olympic Park debuts zip line tours, air bag drops

Erin Miller, an employee of the Utah Olympic Park, demonstrates use of the park’s new zip line tour.
Courtesy of Utah Olympic Park | Courtesy of Utah Olympic Park

The Utah Olympic Park recently opened two new activities — a zip line course and air bag drop.

Spokesman Kole Nordmann said the zip line course, which is more than 5,700 feet long, is unique in the area. Though other venues have zip lines, the UOP’s zip line course is meant to be a nearly continuous ride, with short transitions over the seven-station course. It will travel over the western edge of the park, taking riders over the bobsleigh course.

“The first line is 1,481 feet long — the longest of all seven zip lines, so you’re going to get majestic mountain views as you go down the whole thing,” Nordmann said. “You’ll see people riding bobsled; you’ll be able to see people doing our summit and canyon adventure courses, and you’ll even be able to see people jumping onto our new airbags.”

Nordmann said the project was conceived two years ago, and has been under construction since last fall, adding that the addition helps distinguish the park among resorts.

“We have the second steepest zip line — in our extreme zip line — in the entire world, and we have this new zip line tour that’s longer than anything else in the area,” he said Those are things that really set us apart.”

The course, which takes about 40 minutes to complete, was meant to add another recreational option for the park’s guests.

“It’s a big thing for us to make sure that no matter when you come, where you’re from, who you are, you can still able to do these activities,” Nordmann said.

That includes small children. The zip line tours will allow guests to ride with children who weigh less than 50 pounds, so long as their combined weight is less than 250 pounds.

“Which creates a very unique experience for parents,” Nordmann said.

The zip line tours are $60 total per person (tandem rider included), or $25 after purchase of a Gold Pass — a day pass that covers most of the resort’s other activities, including the new airbag jump.

The air bag jump, which allows guests to jump off a 5-, 10- or 15-foot platform onto an inflatable airbag, was created as another way for guests to sample athletes’ experiences at the Park.

Nordmann said the jumps’ height was scaled down from the big air jumps that guests see athletes practicing, to allow for a broader range of people to participate.

“The 5- and 10-foot platform, from the vantage point of the platform, are about the same,” Nordmann said. “Once you get to 15 feet, you get a little more trepidation; you have a little more height fear from that. If we went higher, probably not a lot of people would be into that.”

The airbag drop is $15 when purchased separately from the gold pass ($67.5 for adults, $45 for youth).

For more information go to utaholympiclegacy.com.

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