Sundance 2019: How did you navigate though Park City? |

Sundance 2019: How did you navigate though Park City?

The Park City buses were packed at many points during the Sundance Film Festival.

And City Hall wants to know who was riding them.

Park City officials have posted a nonscientific survey in the municipal website seeking opinions about transportation during recently wrapped Sundance as well as during the FIS World Championships that continue this week.

Transportation is a critical component of the planning for City Hall as well as the organizers of the events. It is especially important to the overall plans for Sundance, the largest event on the Park City calendar. The Sundance transportation system involves a theater loop in addition to City Hall’s regular bus route.

The survey is designed to provide officials insight into the transportation habits of the people at the two events, something that could especially assist the Sundance planning since it is an annual event while the FIS World Championships are not.

The survey asks about whether a person is a full-time resident, a commuter, someone who lives in the area on a part-time basis or a visitor. It also asks what brought someone to Park City.

In one of the key questions, officials want to learn what sorts of transportation methods someone used during Sundance. The options include driving without anyone else, carpooling, buses, taxis, ridesharing services like Lyft or Uber or walking or bicycling. City Hall also asks about someone’s motivation for their primary form of transportation.

The survey asks whether someone used transit during Sundance or the FIS World Championships and about their experience if they rode the buses. Another questions asks whether someone used the area’s park-and-ride lots, an option that was encouraged in an effort to keep drivers from heading into the Old Town core.

City Hall and Sundance organizers have long crafted transportation plans meant to ferry festival-goers between screening rooms, other official festival locations and destinations like Main Street. Park City officials complement the transportation plans with heavy parking restrictions, including increased rates during the festival, that are seen as discouraging drivers from heading into the downtown core.

The survey is posted on the City Hall website. The survey is scheduled to close on Feb. 20.

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